Ninja Style || Human!TMNT x Reader Highschool AU

"They're the most popular, most TALENTED, boys in school. Why would they EVER want someone like you?"

For the most part, you're an extremely normal high school girl. You focus on your studies. You have two best friends. You have your ever-so-popular enemies. Normal.

Your Junior year changed everything.

Four brothers, with exotic Renaissance names, but with expertise Japanese martial arts skills, enter the school, and already seem to know your two best friends, so they practically treat you like a princess. Why?


1. First Day


Yeah, you were a focused student. That didn't mean that you were the smartest or the best. You were just focused. Focused on academics. Focused on the gossip, though making no attempt to join in. Normal. That's all you wanted.

Until THEY came.

It all started on the first day of being Juniors with April and Casey. You totally shipped them. They were just... Perfect for each other! They weren't to clingy, like Jacke and Helen. They paid attention to you and Erma just like any old friendship. Still, every couple had its moments that happened, and we're never mentioned unless they were alone. That was the kind of couple they were.

"[Y/N]!" Casey called after you, running. You turned to find Casey's bike and helmet thrown on the school's front lawn, left unattended. Laughing, you greet him as well.

"'Sup, Case!" You perk, using the unoriginal nickname you came up with when you two were Freshmen. "How was summer?"

"[Y/N]." Casey states blandly. "You were there."

"Yeah." You reply. "For, like, twenty percent of the time! I bet for the other eighty percent you spent time making out with April~"

"Ew, no!" Casey, laughs, leaning away for a second. "We are NOT a thing. And besides," Casey smirks, "Don't you still lik--"

"Oh shaddup!"

Yeah. So what you liked a guy you knew your girl best friend was totally into? April was pretty. April was smart. April was talented. He deserved her.

"Fine." Casey held his hands high in defense. You roll your eyes and continue walking. Casey opened one eye.

"You can take me to jail now," Casey whispered loudly, making you giggle just a bit.

"Hey guys!" You hear April call you. "Look who finally decided to come!"

You and Casey turn to find four boys, about your age, with different colored shirts, green hoodies, and jeans.

The tallest one had a purple shirt, eyes that almost seemed RED, brown hair, and simple black-framed glasses. He had a gap in his teeth, and when he smiled, you could easily see them.

The one next to him had eyes an even deeper blue than his shirt, and he seemed like the most natural out of all of them. Sure, his eyes seemed pretty observant, paying close attention to everything he saw, but he smiled, laughed, and he even ruffled the shorter blonde one.

The other boy next to him, though, was WAY far from natural. His rogue hair "whooshed" up and his piercing green eyes judged everything; he had an opinion for literally EVERYTHING, which seemed mostly negative. Practically you on your first day of your Sophomore year.

And then there was the little one. Blonde hair. Freckles. Orange shirt. The youngest. And his eyes were so bright, mostly like the other boy with the deep blue eyes who ruffled his hair a lot, except they were way lighter. He seemed to joke around a lot, and even enjoyed messing with Mister Attitude.

Two words for all of them: turn. On.

Not just for you, but for all the girls they walked by who swooned.

"His eyes though!"

"Ohmygosh, that gap is, like, SO adorable!"

"So muscley.... I LOVE IT!!!"


All these repulsive comments wante to make you run away, but you had to follow April and Casey. You couldn't survive the mob without them.

"April," the tall brunette called. "What a...coincidence!"

"Geez, Don." Casey hit him with his shoulder. "Nothing to hide about." He turned to you. "These are the guys we hung out with when you went to camp!"

"Donnie," the brunette stated, introducing himself.




"Mikey!!!" Everyone else but you and the dignified baby shouted.

"Sorry, guys." Mikey laughed nervously, rubbing the back of his neck.

April nudged you, motioning for you to introduce yourself.

"Name's [Y/N]!" You smiled, pointing at yourself with your thumb. "I'm Casey's and April's unknown friend... Other than ERMA, of course."

"Erma?" Mikey asked. "Who's Erma?"

Raph slapped Mikey upside the head. "You doofus. Erma's Casey's and April's other friend!"

"But I thought [Y/N] was their other friend."


"Ignore them." Donnie spoke to you, smiling nervously.

"It's fine." You chuckled. "My little [BRO/SIS] is like that too."

"You have a little [BROTHER/SISTER]? Cool!" Leo smiled. You couldn't help but notice how white his teeth were.

"I know, right?" You smiled back. "But they CAN get annoying."

"I hear that." Raph said, sitting on Mikey, who was pressed against a bench.

You all laughed at in that moment, you knew that the school year was going to be the best year of your life with rainbows and ponies and unicorns.....


It would turn out almost the exact opposite. Almost. Yeah, it'll get hectic beyond hectic, but occasionally, you'll have moments just like these.

All I have to say is that as soon as you started reading this, you should've known you're up for one shell of a ride!

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