My first attempt to write in German. A short story about a little kitten. I may have spelling mistakes. Please, tell me if you find any.

PS Includes English translation.


2. In English

One day a beautiful cat

took a walk

with her little kittens

in the park.


The kittens were playing.

The kittens were running about.

The kittens were seen

by a little girl.


The little girl wanted

                to stroke the kittens.

The little girl wanted

to take

a white young kitten



Her mother didn’t want

                cat’s hair on the furniture.

Her father didn’t want

                to waste his money

                               on the kitten.

So the white kitten

was turned out on the street.


The white kitten was too young

to find a way home alone.

The white kitten was too weak

to keep looking for its mother.

It lay down under a thick bush –

frozen, miserable and scared.

Meanwhile the little girl had

no idea about what she had done.


This story has various endings.

Which one will you choose?

In order this story does not repeat,

admonish your children

                not to part kittens

                               from their mother.

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