Writers Weekly

~This is a story to give credit to all the amazing writers on Movellas that never get noticed if you want me to review your stories I will and I will write something that I loved about your Movella and something I think needs to be changed to help with your future stories. I think everyone can write when they find their perfect story. I will post a new person every week as long as people keep coming. I will also do random people if I think their story is really descriptive~


1. How It Works

   Just put your name/username and the books you want me to review and I will do it right away

Please sign up or I can't review anything, I am doing this to teach myself to be on Movellas more often.

So thank you and I will be more likely to review my Rainbow Sprinkles (Followers) first but I promise to get to everyone.

Don't forget to favorite this so you know when your review is done unless you are already following me then you can just wait until I am done. 

I will probably only look over about 1-3 chapters it depends on how much you have.

Just so you know I will not do boy bands like 1D, 5SOS, etc. but I will do anything else.

Thank you :) 

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