1. omfg 😘

I'm Hope yeah I know what a spiritual name but trust me I'm not innocent. I'm far from it. I'm a devil with a halo. I look sweet and innocent but I am a girl who has no strings attached. I least I was until I met him... I moved from Sydney Australia to New Jersey where I was actually born. So no I don't have a really adorable accent like 5sos. I love them so much. I was really excited when my mom told me she had a huge surprise for me. She said she had left an envelope on the table. I ran down the stairs almost tripping over my own feet. I grabbed the envelope and ripped it open. Inside of the envelope there were 2 concert tickets and backstage passes to a 5SOS CONCERT!!! OMG OMG OMG I love my mom so much right now!!! I am definitely taking my best friend Sophia. I ran back upstairs with the envelope and face timed her! She answered in within two seconds. "Sophia my mom just got me two tickets and backstage passes to a 5SOS concert and I'm taking you!" She started screaming and so did I. It's this Friday so it's only two days away! Yay!! "Omg Hope I can't believe we are going to meet them!" I was thinking how it was all going to go down. I'm going to just skip two days of boring school cause nothing happened. It's Friday morning... My fucking alarm goes off and scares the living shit out of me even though i was awake. I woke up at 6:35 today instead of 7:00. I click the snooze button and go shower. I wear a maroon tank top and some high waisted shorts with some black converse. I straighten my hair and skip breakfast and drive to school. I stop to pick up Sophia first though. We get through school pretty quickly and I drop Sophia off at her house so she can change. I get home and run to my room to change. I put on a neon pink crop top with some white booty shorts and some neon pink flats. I run downstairs and grab the envelope and pick up Sophia. When we get there it's already packed to we find our seats and talk until we see four boys run on stage. Luke has always been my favorite so I kept my eye on him for most of the concert. They performed amnesia, disconnected, don't stop, voodoo doll, and long way home. After that Sophia and me ran backstage. We waited in line which really wasn't that long. Then finally we were standing in front of the cutest boys in all of Australia. Anyways we asked for autographs but Sophia asked for a picture. I was a fucking nervous wreck but I stood next to Luke and she stood next to Ashton and calum was next to Luke and Michael stood next to Ashton. While we posed for the pic Luke placed something in my hand. I waited until we left to see what it was. It was a note and it said to meet him by the snack bar at 9:35 and I was shocked. I looked at the clock and it was 9:30 so I told my friend i was going to the bathroom. I ran to the snack bar and then someone grabbed my waist and spun me around. There was no one there but when I gasped he put his hand over my mouth. Then I realized it was Luke. I wanted to scream but he really didn't want me to so I controlled myself. He removed his hand and he guided me to this really big room that Had a couple of chairs. He sat down and gestured for me to sit so I did. "So you're probably wondering why I asked u out of all girls to meet me huh?" Luke asked while playing with his fingers. "Well yeah I was kinda wondering that." I said nervously. "Well honestly I don't know I just felt attracted to you and I wanted to get to know you." He said looking straight into my eyes. "Well what do u wanna know?" I said smiling realizing that a shade of Crimson was spreading across my face. After that we talked all night and he had to drop me off at home cause my friend Sophia freaked out and she thought I had gone missing. Once I got home I told my mom I got lost. So Luke asked for my number and I never got his number So that means I have to wait...

Ugh the sun shines through blinds. I sit up in my bed and grab my phone. At that moment exactly someone called me. But it was an unknown number. I answered "uh hello?" I had a shaky voice. "Hope?" Asked a deep voice then I realized it was Luke! "Luke?" I said a little too excited. "Uh yeah so do u wanna hang out today u know just like the two of us?" He was kinda nervous I could tell. "Lucas Robert Hemmings are u asking me out on a date?" I screamed into the phone. "Yes hope I am." I was freaking out! "Ok then pick me up at 4:00" I said confidently. "Perfect see ya later!" He hung up and I plopped down on my bed and checked the time! Shit its 3:45! I ran to the bathroom and jumped in the shower. I gout out of the shower in literally 5 minutes so it was 3:50 crap! Ok I wore a nirvana tank top with ripped skinny jeans and some black converse. I put on some mascara eyeliner and some concealer. Then I heard my door bell! I answered the door and there stood Luke with a green day tank top ripped skinny jeans and black converse! We kinda matched but damn be looked cute! I let him in and I told him I would be ready in 3 minutes and he told me to take my time. I went upstairs and brushed my hair. I left my hair down and I ran back down stairs. Luke was playing with his fingers again. I could tell he does that when he's nervous. "Are u nervous?" I blurt out. I'm so stupid! "Um yeah how could u tell?" I try not to blurt out stupid things this time. "Cause last time you were with me you played with your fingers too." I spoke fluently this time. "Oh I'm sorry" he said now looking down. "Why are u sorry?" I ask kinda curious. "I don't know are u ready?" He looked up at the last part. He smiled and I said "yes". We sat down on a bench in the park. "So tell me about urself" he suddenly spoke. I giggled and said " well what do u want to know?" He sat thinking for a couple seconds. "What are ur top 3 favorite bands?" I smiled and said "well obviously 5sos and my other two faves are Green Day and All Time Low" he smiled and said "well we are a perfect couple then" I smirked. "You never asked me to be ur girlfriend" he blushed... "Well then Hope will u do me the pleasure of being my girlfriend?" He said in a such a calming tone. "Of course" I said and he leaned in his lips grazing mine and then he kissed me. I was surprised but then I kissed back. Our lips moving in sync. We separated and he smiled at me and said "why do u have to be so beautiful?" I smiled but then frowned and said "I'm not beautiful" he lifted my head up with his hand and looked deep into my eyes and said "you are beautiful and don't let anyone tell u otherwise". We talked for hours I got home at 9:00. My mom is away on a 2 month trip so I'm all alone for 2 months... That's awesome. I ran up stairs and texted everyone on my contact list. "Party at my house this Saturday bring ur bitches bye" sent. It was Friday so the party is tomorrow. I gotta get some booze. I am really fun when I'm drunk trust me. So I went to the liquor store and got some booze. By the time I got finished setting up people started pouring into my house. I played music on full volume. As it blasted through the speakers I was getting a call from Luke! Oh shit I forgot to invite him. I ran up to my room and shut the door . I answered... "Hey Luke" I said as calm as possible. "How come I wasn't invited to ur party?" I could practically see the smirk on his face. "Oh yea sorry u wanna come?" He started to giggle. I just love his giggle. "I'm already here" I was really confused. Suddenly I felt hands around my waist And they spun me around so I could face them. It was Luke.😏 Before I could say anything he smashed his lips into mine. I finally pulled away and said " hi to u too" and I laughed. We went downstairs and got drunk as hell. I was wearing a black crop top with white booty shorts.

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