The Selection- Two Princes

This is a story based on the selection- but with completely new characters and plot twists.


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Emerald's P.O.V

"Emerald, it's time to fill in your form!" My mother squeals

"I'm coming!" I yell back, sprinting down the stairs in my pajamas. When I get down there, my mother hands me a set of papers. She watches over my shoulder as I fill them in. Name: Emerald Barron. Age: 18. Province: Carolina. Caste: 2. As I continue to fill in the papers, my mind starts to wonder, back to my 17th birthday. 


It was January 14th, I share my birthday with Prince Blake. I sat in a floral blue day dress that was just shorter than the knee, and my hair was up in a delicate plait-bun style. We sat there with cool lemonades in our hands, anticipating the report, from the castle. Prince Blake walked onto the screen, and I was lost. His eyes were a dreamy pale blue. His hair was a glistening golden shade- not unlike mine. He was wearing a grey suit with a crisp, white shirt and crystal tie that brings out his eyes. 

"Good morning, Prince Blake! And happy birthday!" Exclaimed Alfred, the interviewer.

"Thank you." Blake said, smiling sincerely. The camera cut to Blake's adopted brother, who sat with a blank expression. Theo. He is roughly the same age as Blake, but it was public knowledge that he would not be having a selection. As the interview continued, I couldn't keep my eyes off Theo. Why wasn't he having a selection? Why did he look so upset?


Snapping back to reality, I hear my mother say something. She stares at me afterwards, she must have asked me a question.

"Sorry, what was that?" I ask

"I told you to go get dressed. I'll ask Brooke to drop this off at the post box." Brooke is our maid, and my closest friend. I nod, and jog upstairs to get ready. I slam the bathroom door closed behind me, and begin to wash my face.


After about twenty minutes, I walk out of the bathroom with my my makeup done. Opening my wardrobe, I get a text. It's from my friend, Rebecca. 

dont 4get about my party

She is hosting a party tonight, for the drawing of the names. I text back confirming I will be there, and go back to the matter at hand, what to wear? After minutes of deliberation, I finally decide on a loose floral skirt that goes down to my knees, and a low cut white vest top. I might as well make the most of summer whilst it's here, right? Before heading downstairs, I grab a pair of flat sandals and throw my hair up into a high ponytail.


I spend the day doing homework, and revision for an upcoming test. My father forces me to do lots of this, which in a way has been a good thing. Although it is extremely boring, I would have the worst grades in the class if I didn't do any extra work, now I'm just above average.


Rebecca's party starts at 9pm, so at around 8:15 I decide to get ready. I let my hair down, and after about a minute of deliberation I decide to curl it. After I'm happy with it, I move onto makeup. I decide on a smokey eye and dark red lips. As I am thinking of my options of what to wear, something catches my eye. It's a present. It's sitting on my dresser. It's from my mother. Her handwriting on the tag is neat and joined up. Tearing open the parcel, I think of what it could be. Before I can answer my question, I hear the floorboard creak, and I jerk my head towards the doorway to see my mother standing there, a smug expression on her face.

"Was this from you?" I ask

She smiles "of course." 

"What is it?" I wonder aloud

"Open it." She replies. I finish unwrapping the baby pink tissue paper, and see the dress. It is long, figure hugging, and has a small split on the left leg. The bronze sparkles that cover it glitter in the light.

"Wow," I say "it's beautiful" 

"I thought you'd like it. Go try it on." She says, and closes the door behind her.


When I have the dress on, I stand in front of the mirror. It covers my chest well, but it's tightness and split up the leg still make it somewhat revealing. I slip on a pair of heels that are roughly the same shade as the dress, and open the door for my mother to see. 

"You look stunning" she says, and then looks at her gold watch "you'd better go now. Are you driving?" 

I shake my head "I'll walk."


On the way to Rebecca's house, I pick up some flowers. A bunch consisting of many pastel flowers of all different types. I ring the doorbell, and Rebecca hugs me in greeting. She is wearing a low cut black dress, that is figure hugging and ends at the knee. Her heels are black, decorated with emerald that match her earrings. This ensemble suits her well, as her coal black hair is hanging loose, and her skin is pale. 

"You look incredible" I tell her

She looks me up and down "not as incredible as you" she says smiling.

"The names are being drawn!" Someone yells from inside, so Rebecca and I head into the front room.


Theresa -the name drawer- walks onto stage in a flowing crystal blue gown that reminds me of the ocean. It is low cut, and I think I hear a few wolf whistles from the crowd. She waves and blows kisses to the crowd, and I watch impatiently. Stepping up to the podium, she begins to speak.

"Hello Illea!" Exclaims Theresa excitedly.

"Alright, I'm going to get straight to it," she says, smiling falsely, "the first lady is........" she stalls, undoubtedly rtying to build suspense. Everyone's eyes are glued to the screen, and I bite my nail in anticipation.

"Lindsey Marin, from caste 3!" She announces, and the crowd roars. Lindsey's face pops up onto screen. She has long brunette hair, emerald green eyes and tanned skin. She is beautiful; as I'm sure all of the selected will be. As Theresa continues to announce names, my heart sinks and I begin to lose hope. My mind drifts, but towards the end I regain focus again. 

"And the next of our new selected is a beautiful lady of caste 2....... Emerald Barron!" Everyone in the room gasps, including me. A tear slips out of my eye, but I am quick to catch it and wipe it away. Many people get up to hug me, and I feel giggly and electric. My phone lights up, and rings in my pocket. I take it out, it is my mother. I smile and step out into my hallway. As soon as I pick it up, my mother begins babbling excitedly.

"Omigosh I can't believe it! You're going to the palace OMG I'm so excited! They're coming to collect you in the morning! This is so exciting! Wait- you'd better come over, we want you well rested for tomorrow!" She squeals, and hangs up before I can say a word.


When I arrive home, I shower, wash all my makeup off, brush my teeth and get into my pajamas. I choose silk ones, because I like the feel against freshly washed skin. I read for a while and then flick of my fairy lights and snuggle down into bed.  

What will happen tomorrow?




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