Nicki Minaj's Little Sister

Annabelle Maraj is the little sister of Nicki Minaj. What happens when she ends up having feelings for Justin Bieber.


1. Chapter 1

* Annabelle's Pov *

This morning I was up getting rady to go with my sister to the studio. You may know her as Nicki Minaj but I know her as Onika Miraj my sister. Anyway I got dressed in this . I did my hair in a side fishtail then I out in my hanging heart belly ring and I grabbed my MAC crossbody bag and white wallet putting money inside of it. Once I was done getting ready I headed downstairs and we got in Nicki's car and drove to her studio.

When we got to the studio we got out and went inside the building , getting on the elevator we went up to the tenth floor.

When the elevator dinged we got off and went into the studio room. Walking inside I seen Lil Wayne , Birdman , and Tyga.

" hey lil b in the building " Lil Wayne said

" yup " I said and sat on the couch and watched as Nicki started recording her song Pills N Potions .

Sitting there for almost an hour I got hungry.


" Nicki can I see your keys ? " I asked


" why " she said


" so I can get something to eat " I said


" okay here " she said and handed me her keys then I headed to the elevator.


Getting off the elevator I went to Nicki's car and got in then drove to the closest place round here which was McDonalds.

Going to the drive through and I ordered something t0 eat. After paying for my food I drove away from McDonalds drive through and went back to the studio. Going in the elevator I got on and and went up to the tenth floor. Before it got to the tenth floor it stopped at the fifth floor and two guys got on and I knew one was Lil Twist and I didn't know who the other one was.

Thinking of why the other boy looks so familiar reality hits me and said that that the other boy is Justin Bieber. I kept my cool and waited for the elevator to get to the tenth floor. As it did Twist started talking to me.


" hey belle " he said


" what do you want now " I said


" I just wanted to say hey that's it " he said


"well you did now leave me alone " I said annoyed because he has been trying to get with me since he found out I was Nicki's sister.


The elevator dinged saying we were at the tenth floor. Getting off the elevator we went where I was before. The whole time I was sitting there I felt someone's eyes on me. I looked up to see it was Justin staring at me. He then came over and satt down next to me.


" hi " Justin said


" hi " I said


" so who are you related to " he asked


" to Nicki she's my sister " I said


" I didn't know she had a sister " he said


" no one did " I said


" how old are you " Justin asked


" why do you want to know " I said


" just because " he said


" I'm eighteen and a half I'll be nineteen in two days " I said


" nice " he said


" yea I guess " I said and we sat there talking to each other.


By the time Nicki was done in the studio we all got in the elevator and left to out in the front of the studio. I said bye to everyone and got in the car with Nicki then she drove back home. I went up to my room and laid down in bed. My phone vibrated next to me it was a text message from Justin.


[ Text Convo ]

Justin - hey

Me - hi

Justin - what are you doing

Me - nothing much how about you

Justin - just hanging out with twist and the guys

Me - cool

Justin - yea well I got to go talk to you later

Me - kk bye

[ End Of Text Convo ]


I locked my phone and decided to take a nap so I did. A few hours I woke up to the smell of food. I got out of bed and headed down to the kitchen to see Nicki cooking some type of pasta.


" are you hungry " Nicki asked


" sure I can eat " I said sitting down and she gave me a plate of pasta and wesat down and ate.


" so what are you going to do for your birthday " Nicki asks


" I honestly don't know yet what do you think I should do " I said


" we can go out to dinner or go out to a club " she said


" I don't know I'll think of something to do " I said and we got finished eating and I offered to help her clean the kitchen.


After cleaning in go went up the bathroom and took myself a shower. I got out and wrapped myself in a towel and went back to my room then I put on my twerk girls shorts , a black tank top , and a pair of socks. I then threw my hair into a messy bun and got in bed.

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