Infinite Love (The Hunger Games)

When Katniss and Prim move to L.A, they hope that their lives will finally go to plan, but Mockingjay High is drama filled and anything could happen.


1. Chapter 1 - First Day

Katniss POV


I groan and reach out, knocking my alarm clock to the floor. I sit up and rub my eyes.

"Prim! Katniss! First day of school don't want to be late!" Mom calls from downstairs.

I completely disagree with that sentence. Why wouldn't I want to be late? All I have to look forward to is a day of misery and standing out because I'm the new girl. For Prim's sake I force myself out of bed and walk to my closet.

After around 5 minutes of looking for the perfect outfit, I decide on a cream crop top and green shorts with a brown leather belt. I carefully apply my mascara and clear lipgloss. Giving the illusion that I'm pretty.

When I finally emerge from my bedroom and trudge downstairs, Prim is ready and waiting for me.

"Primmy you'd better tuck in that tail little duck." I say tucking in the back off her shirt into her grey knee length skirt. Mom begins to tear up at the sight of us,

"If only your Father could be here." She sniffs sadly. I freeze at the mention of Dad. Without hesitating I grab my bag and Prim's hand and march out of the house, slamming the door behind me.

"What's the matter Katniss?" Prim asks me, her eyes wide and timid.

"She always has to bring Dad's death up." I huff angrily as we approach our schools. Prim quickly hugs me and runs off. I gulp and walk to reception where a brightly dressed women sits at a desk with a grumpy face. I clear my throat and she looks up from her computer screen.

"Can I help you?" She asks rudely.

"Yes you can. I'm Katniss Everdeen, I transferred here today." I glare at her.

She suddenly sits bolt upright and looks apologetic. "I'm sorry, where are my manners? I'm Miss Trinket. I've had the most awful morning..." She launches into a long story about how the secretary called in sick and she had to step in and unfairly replace her even though she apparently has a avalanche of marking. Eventually, she hands me my books and locker and timetable details over. I snatch them eagerly from her.

"Thank you Miss. I hope your day gets better." I say politely and practically run away

The corridors are busy and within a few minutes I'm knocked off my feet, sending my books flying. As a crouch down to pick them up a tall blonde stranger bends down to help me and in one swift movements my books are back in my arms.

"Thank you..." I trail off not knowing his name.

"Peeta Mellark." He smiles. I thank him again and scurry to my locker and unload my heavy bag. I replay the moment in my mind until it hits me that I might be falling for him.

A/N This is my first book on here so sorry if it's awful.

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