Rapunzels Tower

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair......She was trapped in the tower for eighteen years and now she has the chance to escape....But when the cunning Rumpelstiltskin finds a way into her heart, she can't help but love the magic thats setting her free....But there is always a price to pay....

This is a very twisted fairytale I made on Rapunzel hope you enjoy.


1. Unexpected Turn of Events

   Rapunzel was a very kind hearted girl even as an orphan. As a child she would sneak out of the orphanage and go around the town helping people in the shops for no money. She had beautiful silky blond hair that went down to her knees when she was only five years old. They named her Rapunzel after the flower that brought beauty to every square in town. She was trouble sometimes and stole a few pieces of bread. Every time she got caught, she was sent back to the orphanage and was forced to clean the entire house until it was spotless.

   Unlike Rapunzel the woman that took care of them was mean and selfish, and they called her the Witch for only taking pride for herself. The kids there were terrified of her but Rapunzel only felt bad for her because she knew she was just lonely because she too did not have a family. So one night she went to the Witches room, sat in one of the old creaking rocking chairs and started to sing a lullaby she once heard her mother sing to her when she was only an infant. The Witch awoke when she had stopped singing and put the tired little girl in her bed to sleep the night with her and they drifted to sleep together.

   After that night was over Rapunzel came in again the next night to sing another lullaby to the Witch and she sent the horrid Witch to sleep with her beautiful singing. And again when Rapunzel stopped singing the song the witch would wake up and put the dear Rapunzel into her bed and they would fall asleep peacefully. The next day the Witch was kinder to her and let her have ice cream for breakfast and stay out in the village a little bit longer, as long as she promised to come and sing her to sleep every night. 

   After years doing this with her, Rapunzel noticed that everyone had left the orphanage but her. When she asked the Witch why she was the last person she simply shook her head and said "I will tell you another time my flower."

   Four years past and Rapunzel was twelve years old, and she could feel it in her heart that this was the day she was going to be adopted by a loving family. But of course Rapunzel thought this everyday. And every time Rapunzel would stare out the window at happy family's, hoping one day she would be the little girl in the middle holding her mothers warm hand while her father picked her up and gave her a little kiss on her forehead. But the Witch always told her that she was to old for that even if she was adopted, no matter how beautiful or childish she was. 

   As Rapunzel was staring out the window she saw the King and Queen come striding down the stone pathway that was filled with weeds. The Witch tries to keep her house clean but she stopped making Rapunzel clean when she was six years old so you would think the house would be a dump. But every morning when Rapunzel wakes up, the inside of the house is magically clean, and the outside of the house had lawn mown grass. But she has never heard the Witch turn on a lawn mower or clang any dishes when she 'washed' them and she couldn't even smell the freshly mown grass.

   What was really weird was that they would never have enough money to afford a maid so who would do all this work because she knew for sure the Witch would not clean.

  The Queen looked up at Rapunzel in the window and smiled a kind smile interrupting Rapunzels thoughts as Rapunzel saw her beautiful diamond encrusted jewels, sewn into the silky purple dress. The dress had beautiful flowers all over it in a pattern that stopped at her knees. She walked gracefully towards the orphanage like a true lady built with confidence. While the King wore a long red Palace uniform that looked two sizes too big. He walked proudly with his chest up and his eyebrows raised in the air like he was just about to win a prize. It was weird they were here because the Palace is on the other side of town. So whatever the reason it must have been important.

   Rapunzel heard three knocks at the door before the Witch came to open it and greeted them with a friendly hello. Rapunzel put her ear to her bedroom door to hear better. Her room was next to the kitchen where the Witch hid her just in case an unwanted visitors wanted to hurt her or came to steal her beautiful golden hair. She always told Rapunzel that all she wanted was her safety, so she never let her use scissors or anything sharp. So her hair was six to seven feet long now.

   The Witch stopped letting her go to the village and only let her come out when she had to sing her to sleep. But the walls of the small building could not keep Rapunzel from leaving. Every time the Witch left to get more wild berries or items from the store. She would sneak out and her neighbor James would help her, by lifting her out of the window. They would run to the village together and eat a small lunch or rent some bikes and go around the block. It gave Rapunzel a sense a freedom and a a person to call her best friend. He called her his Golden Flower and she called him her Sailer because he loved fishing and his blond curly hair matched his blue eyes like a sunset on an ocean when everything sparkles until it fades into the dark, just like his mood always was. always going up and down like a rollercoaster. You could always see the look of sadness in his eyes but when he looked at Rapunzel his eyes softened and he looked happy.

   Until one day the Witch found them outside the market together, she was furious. The Witch grabbed Rapunzels arm and yanked it as hard as she could making sure it would hurt. Then she told young James to go home or be cursed. But he did not listen. He chased their car and threw pebbles and rocks at it until they made it home. The Witch pulled Rapunzel by the hair until they were inside.

   She threw her into her room, bolted and chained all the windows, locked all the doors, put a bookcase in front of Rapunzels door, and made poor James pay for stealing Rapunzel away from her and putting her in harms way. You could hear her crying and his screaming from all of the Witches torture from four blocks down. I should know I was one of the people that heard it. They say that she let him live but took out his eyes so he could never see his Golden Flower again. Rapunzel was never let outside again and never saw James after that day. And she was still forced to sing to that awful Witch that night.

   At first Rapunzel only heard muffled voices from the King but as she opened the door just a crack she could hear all their voices echoing through the hallway.

   "It's not the right time....I mean I..I...I I'm not ready yet. I have grown fond of her." Said the Witch.

   "I understand that Agatha. But she is our---"

   "Shhhhh! Don't ruin the surprise darling what if she is listening to us right now." Interrupted the Queen.

   "She is going to find out soon enough. Speaking of Rapunzel where is she."

   "No! I'm not ready for you to take her. She has not learned how to control her light magic yet."

   "We agreed that when she reaches the age of twelve you would give her back to us, I don't care if she is trained or not I just want my child back and for her to reclaim the throne and marry a Prince like Prince Troy of The Northern States."

   "But I can't, she means everything to me. Please your Majesty do not do this....I was not prepared"

   A silence ran through the house along with a chill down Rapunzels Spine that was almost like a ghost. Did the King say that the Witches name was Agatha and what do they mean by give her back to us. Those were just the few out of thousands of questions that were going through her head. And those last words that said reclaim the throne, what was that supposed to mean.

   "She is the rightful Princess and Queen you can not deny it any longer."

   "Shhhhhhh!!!!" Added the Queen.

   "Princess!!!!" Rapunzel shouted and that simple word seemed to echo and shake the whole house.

   She knew they were all staring at her, but she dared to not look up knowing her face was rosy and as red as a tomato. Then she heard the King get up and scoop her into a tight hug and plant a dry kiss on her forehead.

   But before the Queen even came over she was gone in a poof of smoke and she vanished to a tower that seemed about fifty feet high. The Witch had sent her there with her magic so nobody could ever take away the Witches dear Rapunzel again. 





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