Am I A Fool (for falling for you?)

She’s a rich, innocent straight A student. He’s a middle-class pot smoking nineteen year old doing his senior year for the second time. They’re each other’s opposites, really.

1. One

”Audrey, get up from bed, breakfast is downstairs.” She heard her mom say before closing her bedroom again. She was surprisingly alert this morning, maybe because it was first day of her last year in high school, well, probably that.

She strips down from her silk nightgown and then puts on a her robe instead before making her way down the marble stairs to the kitchen where her family awaited.
Her dad was the CEO of a big company, bringing a lot of money to their family, her mum was kind of a housewife, although she was almost never home. She was either shopping, on activities with her siblings or meeting her friends.
Audrey had two younger sisters, twins for that matter. They were six and incredibly annoying at this age. Her brother was thirteen and probably the most normal person in this family.

Audrey herself? Well, she was straight A student attending a private school in Manchester. Living in a beautiful house with her family and she was also marrying the man of her dreams after graduation. They had it all figured out, her and Louis. Their parents would buy them a penthouse and they would attend Oxford together. It was perfect, Louis was perfect.

”Excited for school starting again, honey?” Her mom asked as she sat down by the table. Audrey nodded, ”Just don’t know what to wear.” She grins.

”You can borrow something from us, Addie!” One of the twins, Arabella yells over the table and Audrey just shakes her head, ”I think I’m too big.”

After breakfast she runs up to her room again, finding it all cleaned up and the bed made, just as every morning after breakfast. She unties the robe and looks at herself in the mirror. Really, there was nothing wrong with her looks. Her hair reached her chest and were dyed ash blonde, her body was tanned from this summers vacations and tanning by the pool. She wasn’t fat, but she wasn’t going to consider herself as skinny either. When standing from the side, her tummy would pout a bit, but she didn’t mind, her waist was small while her hips were wider, giving her an hourglass shape. She liked it. Her breasts could’ve been bigger though.

She went to her closet and was seriously about to have a mental breakdown because what was she going to wear? She had to get attention. That’s something she’s always kind of craved, if that’s a good thing or not, she had no idea.

In the end she went with a blouse from Chanel, with that she was going to wear her beige Burberry coat and black skinny jeans. She chose her latest louboutin pumps to match. Simple but enough for the other students to turn their heads as she walked past.

Her driver dropped her off outside of the school, and she couldn’t help but shoot a glance at the school across the street. A public school. Who came up with that? A public school across from the finest private school? There’s a reason people go to private schools. There were loads of people smoking outside of the poor school, those people are so dumb. Wasting their life on a damn pin.

She shook her head as she looked away and walked in with confidence through the entrance of her own school.

”Guess what!” Perrie said when they’d greeted, Perrie was her best friend, so was Eleanor who was standing next to Perrie.

”Tell me, what’s up?” Audrey asked politely and discretely looked at the girls’ outfits. Eleanor had a Gucci skirt with a Ralph Lauren dress shirt. She looked like she worked in an office, it suited her though. The short skirt showed off her long and tanned legs. Audrey might’ve been jealous of those. Perrie was dressed in a pair of louboutins matching hers and a dress which was from Marlene Birger.

”I kind of had sex this summer?” She looks at them with a nervous look, wondering what her friends will think.

”What? With whom?” Audrey asked with wide eyes. How could Perrie be first? After all Audrey was the one who’d had a boyfriend for almost three years!

”His name is Zayn, I met him in the beginning of summer and we’ve hung out everyday!” Perrie smiles like a child at christmas.

Audrey was slightly jealous, but decided to act as if it wasn’t a big deal, that she wasn’t first with losing her virginity. She’d never even made out with Louis, with tongue!
”Wow, congratulations, Per. So did you love him when you did it?” She asks, smiling.

”I mean… No. I didn’t really know him then-”

”You’re crazy.” Eleanor shipped in and then gave Audrey a look, saying someone was coming over behind her.

She looked over her shoulder and smiled widely as she saw Louis coming over, dressed in an Armani shirt and beige chinos.

”Good morning.” He said as he pecked her cheek and held his arm on her waist, being the gentleman he was.

”We have class in five minutes, I want to catch Mr. Green before we start to see what I can do for extra credit.” Audrey mentioned before quickly walking through the big school to her classroom.

During lunch they talked more about the boy Perrie had met, who’s name was Zayn Malik (sounds weird) and Audrey totally lost it when she found out he went to the school across the street. Apparently he had tattoos and smoked cigarettes. She can’t believe how Perrie can like the guy, as they’re ’a thing’.

”His friend, Niall, is having a party on friday. Zayn asked me to bring anyone!” Perrie said excitingly, staring at her two best friends. Eleanor turns to Audrey to see her expression.

”My parents probably won’t let me. You know… Public school kids.” She laughed quickly.

Eleanor nodded, ”We could say I’m having a girls night? It seems fun. We’ve never really been to a party now have we?” She grinned.

Audrey sighed. She really didn’t think this was a good idea.




Friday came along, she’d told her parents that Eleanor was home alone for the evening and that we’d and a couple of girls from the class was coming. Of course they believed her, it wasn’t like she’d ever lied to them before nor behaved badly in any way. She hoped they wouldn’t catch her this time.

She was told by Perrie to dress casually. When they’re having parties (or- gatherings, where they only drink champagne in the presence of someone’s parents) she’d wear a Valentino dress, or something from Gucci. Apparently she wasn’t going to fit in unless she was wearing something like blue jeans and a t-shirt.

She didn’t even know what kind of party this was. Was it in someone’s house? But they’re poor. Will she able to sit down anywhere or will everything be dirty? She has no idea what she’s getting herself into.

She decides to wear a pair of converse along with the blue jeans and the white t-shirt that showed a bit of cleavage and was low cut on her back. It was probably the most casual thing she owned. And she didn’t feel fancy. Not at all.

Perrie and Eleanor picked her up in Eleanor’s Bentley at half past eight, her parents didn’t notice her wearing a pair of blue jeans instead of something comfy for a girls night, thank God.

”You actually look casual, without those bracelets and all!” Perrie mocks her, of course she wasn’t wearing her Cartier bracelets to a public school party!

”Well, I keep on surprising, aren’t I?” Audrey smiled and leans back in the backseat of the bentley. She was getting her own car soon, in October when she turned, she’d been promised a Range Rover, the newest model. She was beyond excited.

Eleanor stopped on a street where all houses looked exactly the same, they weren’t as poor looking as Audrey had expected, but her house was about three million pounds fancier. At least.

There were music on, they could hear it the minute they got out of the car and it wasn’t that good kind of music, it was dance music, as if they were in a club or something. It annoyed her.

”Okay, so I brought a bottle of Dom Perignon, but Zayn said there’d be enough alcohol for everyone.” Perrie held up the champagne bottle, it wasn’t Taste Of Diamonds, but it worked. She wondered what kind of alcohol the poor kids would offer.

The house was filled with smoke, it looked like a fog and there were people everywhere, grinding against each other. Most of the girls were barely dressed and they had way to much make up. She almost felt sorry for them.

”Guys, this is Zayn Malik, Zayn this is Eleanor Calder and Audrey Crawford.” Perrie seemed excited as she introduced a slightly taller dark haired boy to them. Audrey wasn’t expecting someone looking like that, to live here, or go to a public school for that matter. He had brown eyes and long eyelashes, jaws that could probably cut glass and huge biceps. She normally didn’t like boy like… him, but he was absolutely gorgeous. (She wasn’t telling Perrie though.) And Louis was still her dreamboy.

”Nice to meet you.” Zayn had a low, northern accent, and a smile that could probably kill her- nope. He was no good. He went to a public school, had tattoos and smoked cigarettes!

”Same to you.” Audrey answered after Eleanor had smiled and said it was nice to meet him too.

Zayn grabbed Perries arm and dragged her with him further into the house, and they were lost just seconds later.

”So… He was something.” Eleanor chuckled nervously.

Audrey grinned and nodded, ”Did you really want to be here?” She asked. Hoping she wasn’t the only one who thought it felt super weird.

Eleanor shook her head before grabbing her hand, ”But we might as well enjoy it, right?” She shook her shoulders before pulling her towards something that looked like a incredibly small kitchen. The table was full with different bottles, and since Perrie had their champagne, Audrey and Eleanor did a shot. They’d done that before, when they visited the Bahamas last year. Then Audrey threw up and she told herself to never drink vodka again. Yet, here she is. (She only did it because Eleanor did one, she couldn’t chicken out.)

She cringed as she swallowed the alcohol, it burned her throat so bad, she had to cough. Eleanor seemed to take the shot much easier than her. Weird.

”Never had a shot before?” A dark voice said behind her, she quickly turned around and had to look up to get a face. The boy had curly hair hanging all over his head, jaws looking somewhat like Zayn’s, so did his arms, as they were filled with tattoos, she could even see tattoos on his chest that his v-neck shirt wash’t covering.

”As a matter of fact I have. Just don't like it.” She replied confidently before looking away from the tall boy.

”Never seen you at a party before.” He continued the conversation, although Audrey thought she made it clear she wasn’t interested in talking to him. Eleanor was already talking to someone else, thank God he didn’t look like a motorcycle gang member. She couldn't just talk to her to avoid curly right now.

”I don’t go to public school parties.” She didn't even turn around as she answered, instead she took a red cup from the pile of them and poured some orange juice in it and then vodka. She knew that was a thing, she wasn’t going to drink it, she just wanted to look busy. It wasn’t even freshly pressed orange juice?

”So you’re one of those posh private schooled bitches?” Audrey reacted to the last cuss, causing her to turn around to face him with an angry expression.

”Excuse me?” She snorted. ”You shouldn’t be talking to me like that when the shampoo in my hair costs more than your whole outfit.”

The boy tilted his head back and laughed, covering his mouth with one of his huge hands, then he shook his head and looked down at her again, ”Posh little bitch, just as I thought. What’s your name then? I’m Harry.”

Why was he being polite after called her a posh b-word? She can't stand this guy. Harry? Was that his name? Ugh.

”I have a boyfriend.” Audrey straightened her back and passed Harry quickly. He wasn’t worth her time.

”I asked for you name, not for you to fuck with me!” He yelled after her, she cringed at the choice words. Clearly his parents hadn’t raised him well.

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