Alissa Reed and the Silence of Diamonds

'And she stood there with the blandest of smiles, suitcase in hand, and said, "Stop." And so all the world obeyed.'

When thirteen-year-old Alissa Reed appears out of nowhere at Havelon High Boarding School, she sparks the interest of every student, with her mysterious eyes and vibrant hair.

But sometimes, curiosity is dangerous. Especially when in the possession of the dead.




  “It is never easy for one to find solace in one’s eternal mind. It turns maddeningly in twisted spirals, a game never to be won by inferiors.
 “I learnt that the hard way, the morning of my 21st birthday in my 59th life. I remember as clear as if it was yesterday: How the bees buzzed about merrily, how the birds chirped their beautiful lilt. Bu8t yet I remember just as clearly the guilt of my frightful task, the dead weight of my victims lying across me as though they were the entire world.
 “ ’Why are you doing this?” they would sob their last words. “What did I do to deserve this?”
  “I thought I had it all, I thought I would be the one who could rule over the world, shape it to my own will, bend it in the palm of my hand. I thought I would be able to slaughter all who dared defy me, reach the maturity of a headmistress by taking everything they possessed for my own.
  “I thought I could have it all. I thought I could be the greatest, I thought I could take everything  in my stride, I thought I could rule over everyone with an iron fist. I was wrong.
  “They crept in upon me, dark shadows of impending doom which shattered my mind. I had never thought it to be so fragile, so easy to break. It turned out that I was ashamed, that I was powerless, that I could do nothing to prevent their ill will.
  “And so I ran, screaming, though my lips did not make a sound, my feet did not make a movement. I was gone. Gone.
“And now, I am here.”

  The message echoed in the young Alissa Reed's mind. It was frightening or a four year old, any mother would admit. But they didn’t know. Only Alissa could hear it, only Alisa could hear the sounds of death and regret ringing in her ears.

  And everything else was a mystery.




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