Babysitting the Vamps

No description available this is my first time writing a fanfiction.


1. putting up the signs

Hi my name is Alex and I need a job so that I can make my own cash. So I called up my friend from school and asked her if she wanted to come and help me put up some signs advertising my business which is babysitting. This is how the conversation went M: Hey Y/F/N: Hey M: Do you want to put up some signs with me? Y/F/N: Sure I have nothing to do anyway. M: See you in an hour? Y/F/N: sure see you then bye.

An hour later


Hey girl how are you Y/F/N good what about you Alex I am doing good thanks for asking ready to go?

so me and Y/F/N went out all around town and put up the signs after we were finished we stopped at Starbucks for a drink.

So as I was getting ready to go to bed I got a phone call I didn't recognize the number but I figured that it might be someone calling me to babysit their kids. So I answered the call Hello I asked hi said the guy on the other end I am calling to see if you can babysit my four boys sure I said that shouldn't be a problem as long as they are okay with me having a friend come over once and a while. The guy and the other end said that they should be okay with it and if they aren't tell them to suck it up because they have to listen to you and if they don't tell them that I said that it was okay for you to have a friend come over every once and a while.

Joe O'Neill's POV

I was walking around town and I noticed a sign with a phone number on it so I decided that I was going to go and see my family back in London ( don't really know if he is from London or not) so I decided that I should get the boys a babysitter while I was away.

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