Saved By You (Cameron Dallas)

A girl named Serenity just escaped from an abusive orphanage, but what happens when she has nowhere to go and with no friends and family she is alone. But when she thought all hope was lost she finds safeness and comfort in a boy that rescued her.

1. Escape

Serenity's pov 

      I ran as fast as I could through the woods into the storm that looked felt like it was raining cats and dogs. "HURRY UP!" I heard a man yell "SHE'S ESCAPING!"

      I ran faster branches hitting my face like whips making a few scratches on my face that could barely be felt because of the adrenaline pumping through every inch of my body. The voices were getting muffled behind me which was a good sign since that meant they were far behind by now, I stopped and looked around breathing heavily. My legs ached and I was exhausted, I had no idea where I was. I sat down on a fallen tree and sobbed quietly into my hands remembering I had left food that I had stolen at that stupid orphanage. The feeling of guilt washed over me thinking that someone was probably beating her at this very moment and I had left her alone. I hesitated but the next thing you know I sprinted through the woods again running to the orphanage, I couldn't leave her I needed to go back the orphanage was such a cruel place and she had been the only person who I could count on while I was there. I picked up my pace a little more and ran into one of the guys who were chasing me earlier. I tried to get up and run but he was too fast and he grabbed me by my hair and yanked my head back so I wouldn't try to escape again I yelped in pain as I tried to get away "stay still you bitch" he said in my ear with his nasty warm breath that smelled of cigarettes . "I GOT HER" he yelled. He let me go of my hair and grabbed me by my arm. "let go your hurting me!" I managed to say since I felt my head pounding so hard I could not even hear the sound of the other two men I once was running away from. I squirmed causing him to tighten his grip around my arm. I was pretty skinny due to the lack of food so I felt like I could break under his touch. "You little slut, you thought you could get away." He let out an evil chuckle and gave me the kind of look pedophiles gave you before offering you a ride in his car. I didn't hesitate to slap him even though it would cost me. His head turned slightly from the impact. I was weaker than him so he lifted me up roughly and put me over his shoulder. "PUT ME DOWN YOU WORTHLESS PIECE OF SHIT!" I screamed until my throat hurt and then I realized that no one heard me and that no one would come to my rescue. I hit at his back but I didn't do damage he was too strong. Finally I gave up the fight and started crying instead. 











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