Colours and Shadows

mystery and fantasy. This is about Girl of logic and reason who loses her self in a world nothing like her own and somehow has to learn to live there before she can leave. but with all the friends and people she meets, when the time comes will she be able to say goodbye? Cover by the amazingly talented @NathanielStanley!!


1. Chapter 1

~~I climbed the rusty front gate, swinging my right leg over followed by my left. My muscles were stiff from the tension but I couldn't force myself to relax them. My whole body was over the other side of the gate and so I jumped down. My knees burning at the sudden jolt as I hit the ground. The hard gravel pushed through the skin of my thin Volleys, poking into my soft and rather sensitive feet, I never did like to be tickled. Almost shaking I walked rather furtively forward towards the large old mansion. It was tall and imposing, but also very old, as though one breath of wind could knock it over. The grey timber was cracked and peeling, though I really couldn’t tell what colour it used to be. Most of its windows were boarded up but some still held what was probably decade’s old glass.

The house looked like it had come directly from a horror movie, with no obvious period features. It could be hundreds of years old or only twenty. As I got closer, I could hear a sound like deep breathing. Was the house actually breathing or was it just me? Calm down, I told myself. Normally I was quite a rational person. Which was what brought me here in the first place, to prove that this place wasn’t haunted. But once I’d passed over the gate I could literally feel the evil rolling off its walls in thick waves of hatred. Slowly I made my way up the crooked, wooden stairs to the front door. The door was old and rotten I would probably be picking splinters out of my hand for months if I tried to push it open so I opened the door with my foot. As it swung inwards with the groan of a dying man cloud of dust billowed out towards me. I waved it away with my hand and began coughing uncontrollably.

 A distant whisper blew quietly throughout the walls and the scratchy feeling in my lungs disappeared. All I heard was a soft murmur of words; I couldn’t make out what was being said, only picking up on a few separate words.
“Go,” “death,” danger,”  “pain,”  “Noooo,” they weren’t more then a hoarse whisper – but it was enough to chill my blood, what house, no matter how old made sounds like that? But for some reason I felt like they weren’t being said by a real person, like a whisper left behind, to scare off unwanted intruder. Which I’m pretty sure I was. Maybe my friends were right, maybe this place was haunted. But how could it? I didn’t believe in ghost I reminded myself firmly.

I stepped in, though still a little unsure that I’d made the right decision regarding my safety. But what could really be in here? I looked around quickly, it was dark and the air smelt musty and rank. With the windows boarded up no light or fresh air had gotten in leaving the room dusty and moist. The walls were cracked and large chunks were missing, it was probably in worse shape than the outer ones. Blackened oil painting of different scenes and landscapes were placed clumsily on the wall with no obvious order or logic. I was surprised they were still hanging. straight ahead of me was large staircase leading to the second level, most parts of it looked too dangerous to risking climbing and the floor on the second level was unlikely to be in better shape. To the left was a doorway, its door laying forgotten on the floor, apparently ripped off of its hinges. It lead to what looked like a dinning room with mahogany walls, tables, chairs and shelves it was a room full of mahogany everything but I doubted it would be worth nothing more than firewood at the state of it, chipped and burned, I wondered what kind of people used to live here. To the right was a closed door and I went through it, it lead to a large, circular empty room. The ballroom was in disarray, torn velvet draperies hung from rusting gold rods, the shattered glass of the tall windows littered the floor and the cool late autumn breeze shifted through the window. When I glanced back up at the ceiling, I noticed that there were old, but very beautiful murals painted on it.

 Cherubs were sitting on what were once white, but now looked more brown, clouds playing tiny instruments, looks of contentment and relaxation playing on their faces. Which contrasted with the mess of the ballroom. I looked around again and saw a small door off to the left and I walked towards it. It opened to a dark hallway.
 I reached into my pocket my fingers found what they were looking for and pulled it out. I opened the small box and produced a match, I swiped it against the rough side. It made a horrible hissing noise and a small but bright flame lit the darkness. Just outside the matches reach was a tall, darkened, but obviously male figure. I bit down hard on my bottom lip to fight a scream felt forcing its way up my throat. Against my better judgment and my frozen legs I started walking forwards a few small steps. I wasn't the type of person to stand by and let danger come to me. But my foot caught on a loose floor board and I reached out desperately grasping for something to stop me from falling, vertigo dropping my stomach to my knees, my hand met the wall. I stopped myself from falling but, my mind had already forgotten that panic and had moved on. Shaking I pulled my had away from the wall. It was warm and wet and red. It was blood. I brought my burning match over and I continued to stare dumbfounded and my stained hand. How could there be blood on the walls?

 “Ouch!” I cried shaking my hand to ease the pain of the burn. The flame had burnt all the way along the stick to my finger. It sizzled out as it hit the ground and the hallway returned to darkness. I wiped my hand franticly on my jeans wanting to forget about the blood I decided it was time to leave. I didn’t care weather this place was haunted or not it was not the place for seventeen year old girls, no matter how rational, obviously this place had led me to imagine things a figure? Unlikely. But still the blood? And it was warm, how could it be warm? I reached quickly for another match, lighting it and forgetting the terrifying figure I had dreamed up, I shuffled hurriedly backwards. Not wanting to risk brushing against the walls. Suddenly I bumped into what felt like a person, I spun around in horror, but once again I tripped. Falling backwards and hit the hard wooden floor and when I looked up there was no one there.

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