Silent pleds (harry styles)

Kat was always known as the funny, hyper, clumsy girl. No one ever saw a tear stray from her eyes and neither has her as herself. The whole school knows her as friendly, sweet, innocent, happy. Especially her group of friends that protect her like their little sister. No guy even dared to get close to her the main fact because all the guys at Cheshire High had a high respect for Kat and her sweet self. But did they ever think the day would come when that "one guy" would take on that dare? Or maybe that "one guy" would soon be known as Harry Styles?


1. chapter 1

Chapter 1

Kat's P.O.V

"Eww!! Mom, Kat's double dipping again!" I stuck my tongue out at Leyvie who was sitting on the bar stool twisting in circles as I shoved the chunk of banana with Nutella in my mouth slowly taunting Leyvie making me laugh loudly as she cringed. "You disgust me." She tried to hide her smile.

"Love you too kiddo!" I ruffled her hair as I kept my eyes trained on Leyvie, quickly turning around rushing out the kitchen making me bump into a small petite body like mine.

"Kat what did I tell you about being careful?" My mom shook her head in disapproval, pushing her glasses back up her nose clutching business papers by her side.

"Sorry mom!" I pressed a kiss to her freshly powdered makeup cheek before pushing past her out the rustic brown kitchen making my teal colored vans screech against the marble tile floors. "I'll be going to Urban tonight with Ian and Deb after school!" I informed her before closing the front door behind me not waiting for her response I rushed down the front cement steps making my backpack straps fall down my shoulders. Shrugging them back up my shoulders, I pulled out my ipod from my sweatshirt and placed the black ear buds in my ears putting "Becky G Shower," on full blast humming to the beat as I prepared myself for another day of torture.


"Chachi!" Debbie, my best friend of 7 years called me over, using a nickname my parents gave to me as a kid. I dropped my head squinting my eyes to keep from dust flying into my eyes as I walked over to their table. They all stood up and rapped their arms around me real tight making me giggle.

"I love how we act like we haven't seen each other in decades," I smiled over Ian's shoulder even though they couldn't see me.

"We haven't seen each other in forever though!" I rolled my eyes at Ian's exaggeration still keeping my smile.

"Ian we saw each other on Saturday.." I stated obviously. "You just love to exaggerate situations, don't you?" I pulled from his tight embrace holding his forearms gently, keeping his body away from mine at arm distance so i could see his face. He wore his goofy signature side smirk like he always did.

"What? I can't be happy to see my little sis?" He pulled his arms from my grip, ruffling my dirty blonde hair that took me forever to dye.

I swatted his hands away playfully glaring at him. "I mean I guess.. That doesn't mean I have to be happy to see my big brother." I cocked an eyebrow trying to hide my smile.

"Hey! What about your big sis, huh?" Deb sassed tapping her foot, arms crossed over her chest, leaning into her hip listening to Ian and I banter back and fourth. I smiled widely as I threw my arms around her neck teasing Ian.

"Of course I missed you Deb! Who couldn't?" Deb and I giggled as Ian huffed behind us.

"You saw her on Saturday too! What makes her so special?" I turned to see Ian pouting like a little boy that just got told to stop playing in the dirt, his arms crossed over his chest.

Deb and I giggled as we pulled Ian into our hug. "You know I love you just as much." Debbie suddenly pulled away from our embrace gasping loudly.

"Ohhhh!!! We're going to Urban after school aren't we?!" She clapped her hands excitedly. Ian and I gave each other worried glances to why she was so excited. Usually when Deb gets that excited about something, it involves boys, adventures, getting grounded, and just over all trouble. One time she introduced Ian and I to a guy with tattoos up and down his arms. It wasn't the fact that he looked like a bad guy, it was the fact that he did drugs. Deb has a history of getting involved with troubled guys but we just never worried too much because Deb was a bad girl her self and is very strong. She could beat the crap out of any guy if she has a reason to.

I nodded hesitantly. "Yea, why? If this involves another one of your crazy adventures, count us out." Ian nodded agreeing with my statement.

Deb shook her head quickly. "There's a really cute guy I want to introd-" Ian interrupted her before she could even continue, knowing where this was going.

"Oh, no you don't!" He shook his head quickly remembering her last relationship. "Not this ag-"

"Just let me finish will you?! I promise he's not that bad." I took notice in the way she mumble that bad, but it's Deb. It wasn't like we could stop her from what she wants to do. She never listens to us anyway, so I see no point in arguing with her. She continued as she saw Ian and I giving her a chance to speak. "Look, I met him when I went to Urban to pick up an application for my niece and it just so happens to be he's a new dance instructor for the youth classes at Urban and he's not a bad guy. Honestly."

Maybe he wasn't that bad. Everyone at Urban Dance Camp is really kind and never have I seen anyone cause trouble there. Everyone was like a big family. I should know.. I've been taking classes there ever since I was 9 and now i'm teaching them, along with Deb and Ian.

Ian and I glanced at each other giving approving nods like we were Debs parents. Her eyes lit up as she got our approval making her jump up and down tossing her arms around our necks.

"I promise you guys will like him! You have nothing to worry about!" Just seeing her happy makes me happy, but I always know she always has something to hide about the guys she dates. Maybe we're just being to hard on her. Or who knows, maybe she finally got tired of her bad girl life style and decided to give a nice guy a chance..

Maybe this mystery guy won't actually be that bad.

So here it is!! The new fanfic I have promised ya'll! I feel really good about this one and i'm just really hoping you guys like it but please be COMPLETELY honest with me!! I take criticism on my writing really well so don't be afraid to tell me you don't like it (: This time I have so many ideas and know how I am going to end this book so I can promise ya'll this book will have an end unlike my other story "Targeted" where i totally abandoned it :( Anyways please tell me if I should continue it or not!! I just wanted to take some time and say a MASSIVE thank you to all my readers that have supported me through the hard times i went through and also to those who have been so very patient with me.. And if you are a new reader than Hello There! And welcome to the Family!! I Love my Beautiful little Gummy Bears SOOOO much and stay beautiful ❤ xoxo -Marina

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