Divergent High

Basic Divergent high story. The Divergent gang take on high school. There will be Fourtris so don't worry.


1. A New Beginning

Tris P.O.V




First day of a new school. I'm kind of excited- in a weird way.

"Beatrice! Get up!" Caleb shouts from down stairs. Groaning, I force myself out of my warm, cosy bed, and head to the bathroom. I take a quick shower, and brush my teeth. Ding dong! The doorbell rings. I have no clothes on, so I just chuck my pyjamas back on.

"One sec!" I shout, sprinting down the stairs. As I look through the spy hole, I see Christina, my best friend who moved here with me, standing in dark blue jeans, a low cut, baggy, crimson blouse and the highest stilettos i've ever seen. Her lips are painted with the same colour as her top.

"Hey Chris!" I shout opening the door.

"Are you nervous for our first day?" She asks as I gesture for her to come in.

"More excited, you?"

"We'll be fine, especially when you look as good as me." She says. I know she's joking, but she looks amazing.

"Come upstairs." She does as I say. Once we get up there, she asks me:

"What are you wearing?"

"Um, black top, black jeans, black combat boots, black-"

"Yeah, I get it, you like black. Before you ask, I'm not going to force you in to something actually fashionable, but I am doing your makeup."

"Makeup. Come on, I'll do it before you get dressed." She says, leading me into the bathroom.




About ten minutes later I walk out with a full smokey eye, and my skin looks........ amazing! I pop on a plain black vest top, black skinnies, and of course my classic combat boots. I decide to leave my hair down, it is naturally wavy. I sling a black backpack over my shoulder as I make my way downstairs.

"Come on Beatrice, we're going to be late!" Exclaims Chris as I grab a muffin and head out the door. Beatrice. Sounds so boring, so plain. Not the kind of person I want to be at this new school. I need a new name. Bea? No that's not right, it sounds silly. How about...... Trice? That's not a name. Tris. Tris. That will be my new name.

"Chris, I'm getting a new name."

"Cool, what is it?"


"Tris, that's cool."



The walk to school takes about fifteen minutes. When we do arrive, we are greeted by a heavily pierced and tattooed woman.

"Hi, I'm Tori, your art teacher. You kids are new, right?"

"Right." Chris confirms.

"Here are your schedules, maps, and locker numbers." She says, handing us a stack of papers.

"What's your locker number?" I ask Chris.

"Um, 45. What's yours?"


"Right. Oh did I mention that I knew someone here, his name is Uriah. Uriah told me everyone's locker numbers in the gang, but I only remember two. There's this guy called Four, his locker is 44, which is funny. The other one is Four's best mate, Zeke, he's also Uriah's brother. His locker is 47. It's weird how close all our numbers are." Chris continues to babble on as we reach our lockers. The corridor is packed with people, but eventually we reach our lockers.

Then I see him.

Authors note: I know this chapter is short but I felt like this was a good place to end it. Please leave a comment about this, and yes, there will be Fourtris, as Fourtris will live forever. Four and Tris' relationship isn't really going to get messed with because personally I just want them to be together. Hope you like this story and keep reading!



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