She is broken.
That's all.
Can he fix her?
Before she falls?
Found out in...

Copyright's to @Jaden4054


1. 1

Emila's POV.

I'm Emila. I have black hair and blue highlights. I'm 18 and I'm almost graduating High School. I get bullied... And abused. My full name is Emila Rose Black.

My mom abuses me. Because my dad died and I look exactly like him. Black hair and light blue eyes. My mom and my older brother Jason -who's 20- look alike. Light brown hair and green eyes. So she doesn't beat Jason. Anymore. Jason lives in California. He tried to take me with him but he don't succeed.

My mom doesn't want me gone. I actually do get bullied but I'm on the schools soccer team. So yeah. I do cut... Not like everyday like fanfics. And I won't if a girl just calls me retarded. Like fanfics......

There's this one popular boy named Liam Payne. I have a crush on him. Even if he wouldn't date me. I still like him. He smiles at me but you know? That doesn't mean anything. So yeah.

Well that's me! Byeeeeee pe-o-ples!

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