Dancing in the Rain

Everyone knows that cliche moment, dancing in the rain. I almost got my chance but then he ruined it. COVER IS COMING SOON!


1. Prologue



I'm a dancer. He's a basketball player. My brother is his best friend. Though, I am his worst enemy. He hates my guts and I hate his. He is a straight A student, while I struggle with my grades. I'm typically a friendly person, he's my bully. That doesn't stop him from becoming popular. Everyone knows what he does to me. They choose to ignore it.

I don't want to though. I'm sick of him always hurting me with his words, and sometime physically. I've had enough. I can't do anything about it. Every time I try to speak up for myself, he shoots me down. I try to stand tall, he pushes me back down. He never will let me win.

Drew Stone.

Let me tell you, it's not easy to dance in the rain with this doof.

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