The Chubby Girl's Original Reviews (Closed until I clear the waiting list!)

Hello everybody! Emilie here, I'm bored and I want to take a little break from Stripes, Checks and Polka-dots, so I'll be doing reviews!
I'll be reviewing original stories only, not that I don't like fanfics, of course, but original stories need more love! ♥ Cover artwork by Ancalinar on deviantArt •


1. Rules and Regulations

~•* Welcome to the Chubby Girl's Original Reviews movella*•~


First thing's first, allow mt to introduce myself. My name is Emilie, I'm French and I am currently writing Stripes, Checks, and Polka-Dots (go have a look in my movellas, you'll find it rather easily) which is taking up a lot of my time and energy, but I love writing it, so I don't mind all that much.

When I'm not writing, I'm reading, and when I read, I'm very critial. Tututut, don't be scared and run away like that, I don't bite! When I say I'm critical, it's in a good way (I hope) because I'm a sucker for quality literature and if you want your book to be the best of the best, come to me and I'll do my best to help you!

And who knows, maybe you'll be awarded with



But before that happens, you have to give me a movella to review!



Please include

♥ Pen name:

♥ Title:

♥ Link to the Movella:

♥ Any comments and explanations you wish to give



Rules and other Info

Original Movellas only, which unfortunately means no fanfictions. Terribly sorry to announce this, but I'm not big enough in any of the fandoms that are popular here on Movellas, and while I enjoy 1D and 5SOS' music, I'm not a huge fan of fanfiction about them. But it's perfectly fine if you like reading and writing them! It's harmless fun after all! (except for the gross rapefics... *shudders*)

All ratings are welcome! Since I'm about to be 18, I can read R-Rated stories. 

Romance and Realism will be privileged over other genres. I will, however, read other genres, it's  just that I'd rather be honest and tell you that Romance and Realism are my favourites and that I'll read them first.

No poetry. Not that I dislike poetry, but I don't know enough about it to review it... I will however give your poem a like and a read if you ask me to!

Stories between 5 minutes and an hour only, please! I have a life outside Movellas, and if I stay on the computer for too long, I'll get severely yelled at, haha. But seriously though, I might make a few exceptions, but I won't read over an hour.

 It may take a while for your movella to be reviewed! Please be patient!

If your story glorifies rape, get the hell out of here. I don't want to read that kind of shit. Same with 'I fell in love with my bully' kind of crap. Get that out of my sight. Not Koala Tea. Nope.



I may be blunt, biased and stingy in my reviews. If I happen to say something that you really think is unfair, feel free to tell me and I'll say sorry. I very honestly wouldn't want to hurt someone's feelings, even for the sake of quality.


Waiting list


♥ Fiery - Skylar Redwood Black
♥ Memories Never Die - Iris
♥ When You Were Alive- MahoganyPumpkin
♥ Headlines- Claire_
♥ Playing the Hero -A Chemical Reaction
♥ Fear - Lia.
♥ For Aalam- MereCat
♥ Memories Never Die- Iris just Iris



That'll be all for now! I can't wait to read your stories!

Yours truly, Emilie.

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