Alpha Wars

Ace and Hailey are mates...
They're also both equally arrogant Alphas. Can they push there pride aside and have their happily ever after or will they get caught up in their Alpha Wars?...


1. First day of school

“Max!” I scream over the blaring music. Max snaps out of his daze, sharply turning the stirring  wheel and dodging a car. The car honks at us as we just about avoid colliding with the it.

“What the hell Hailey! What is it?” yells Max, his face flushed.

“Turn that crap off,” I say nodding my head towards the radio before turning around to look out the window. Maxwell, my brother, had been dropping me to school and thought it would be a good idea to play 'Your all that matters to me by Justin Bieber' on full blast.

I hear my brother laugh from behind me “I thought you liked Bieber,” he says turning the radio down. I wrinkle my nose “No, I liked his song Baby and that ages ago,”

“Ooh look who's growing up,” teases Maxwell. I roll my eyes and continue to stare out the window, the buildings past us in a haze of beige and brown.

“So, you looking forward to your first day of school?”

“Nope,” I answer honestly. School was always something that I've struggled with
 and therefore have despised. Unfortunately, it is essential for all werewolves to get an education, especially for those who are the future Alphas of the pack. Maxwell was the current Alpha and his girlfriend, Emma, was the Luna.

Maxwell frowned and gave me a quick glance before averting his eyes back to the road “You told me you liked school,”

“Yeah,  when I was in primary school and back then school meant learning the alphabet and playing with play dough,”
I exhale heavily and slouch in my seat. Maxwell had been spending more time with me recently because I was becoming  of age of which I'm suppose to begin Alpha training (which is 16 by the way) and also because he hasn't spent much time with since my father stepped down from his position and Maxwell become Alpha. If I had learned anything from spending time with Maxwell it was that he knew virtually nothing about me- like zilch.

“So what do girls of your age like then?”

“Boys,” I answer with a shrug.

Maxwell raises an eyebrow at me and I shake my head “Not me necessarily but most the population of girls in my school are always gossiping about boys,”  

“What about you then, and good-looking lads you got your eye on?” He asks casually as if he hadn't just asked his little sister if she fancies anyone. I glare at him and he smiles.

“What? Don't give me that look Hailey, I know you're becoming of that age- and your pretty. C'mon there must be one special someone,” 
He wiggles his eyebrows at me and I scoff.

“Okay, first of all I would never date a breather and second, please don't ask me about boys again it's just... not on,” I say as we pull up on a curb outside of Oakwood Manor Secondary School. I open the door and hop out, breathing in the humid summers air. I guess your wondered what I mean when I say 'breather'. Well breather is an alternative word us immortals use  for human, we use other alternative words for example: shifter, which means werewolf and biter, meaning vampire. 

“I never said they had to be a breather, they can be a shifter, it can be a biter...” he says following me out.“Heck it can even be this guy for all I care!” Maxwell says pointing towards a lean boy with glasses and dirty brow hair.

“Huh?” says the guy look between me and Maxwell, dumbfounded.

“I was just saying that you could be Hailey's Mr. Right,” explains Maxwell.

“Oh,” says the boy staring at me, he smiles shyly and I feel a blush creep up on my checks; Note to self: get back at Maxwell later on.

I force a smile as the boy walks away before stalking around the car a grabbing Maxwell by the collar.

“I'll deal with you later,” I sneer in the best Alpha voice I could do.

Maxwell just laughs and effortlessly removes my hands from his collar “Nice Alpha voice, you almost sounded intimidating,” Maxwell laughs at my redden face but then stops, suddenly becoming serious “But remember, I'm your Alpha and even though you may be my sister, you have to show me-”

“Respect,” I finish his sentence “right,”

Maxwell nods I roll my eyes, flinging my backpack over my shoulder “Bye Max, See ya after school ,” 

I walking towards the school gates. At the very last moment I turn around and see Maxwell get into his car. He looks left and right to check if no one was looking before turning up the radio again.

I watch in absolute shock as he starts to sing along to the words to Justin Bieber.

🎶“Oh oh, just as sure as the stars in the sky
 I need you to show me the light
 Not just for the meanwhile, for a long long time
 Better believe it!”🎶

“No way,” I say pulling out my phone and hitting record.

This is so going on YouTube.





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