Friends with Nash Grier.



2. Chapter one: the obsession.

"Selena!!!!" Yells my sister Natalie.


"Today's the day we get to meet Magcon!! And and and also just me and you get to hang out with them all day thanks to daddy." Says Nat.

"Yay!" I say with sarcasm. I grab my outfit and go take a shower. When I get out, I see my dad standin in my room along with my mom and Nat.

"Is this like an intervention, or?"

"Haha, no hunny. We're waiting on you. But, you have all of your stuff right?" Asks my mom.

"Yes I do. Is it time to leave yet?"

------Skipping everything. Where Magcon is-----

"Oh Mr. James!" Says an Asian looking guy coming up to us.

"Mr. Carter Reynolds! How are you?" My dad asks.

"Good. And who's this?" He asks pointing towards me and Nat.

"Hi! I'm Natalie, hi daughter and this is my big sister Selena." She's says all happily.

"Hey Natalie and Selena, I'm Carter. So your our bodyguards daughters?"

"Yeah, there's more of us though. But only me and Selly came along." Says Nat fixing her bag.

We all walk towards a group filled with guys and some girls.

"Mr. James!" They all yell running towards him, and I step out of the way.

"Hey kids! Oh, I'd like y'all to meet 2 of my girls. Nat and Selly." He says looking at me and Nat.

"Oh my gosh! Your Magcon and O2L!!" Says Nat.

I look up from my phone to see about 4 of the guys looking at me, then I realize 1 of those guys was Nash. Wait? What am I kidding, he thinks I me as just another fan. I'm nothing special.

-------At hotel room------

I race Natalie to the room, of course being the oldest and most athletic I won! As always.

"You cheated." She says panting and out of breath.

"I don't recall." I say shrugging my shoulders and laughing.

"So she speaks." I hear a male voice say, along with some laughing. I turn around to see the speaker, Nash.

"She. Has a name."

"Oh well does SHE want to tell me her name?" Says Nash all flirty.

"Why does it matter? I'm just gonna be another fan. Along with my sister. Your just gonna treat us the same even if my dad is y'all's bodyguard." I say opening my door and pulling my sister inside.

"SELENA?! What was that for?" Says my sister.

"FACE IT NAT! WERE JUST GONNA BE ANOTHER ONE OF THEIR FANS!! YOUR CHANCE WITH HAYES, IS GONE." I say yelling to her. I look at her to see her crying. "Wait, Nat. You know I didn't mean it like that! I'm so-" that's when I'm cut off by her running out of the room.

I follow her to the door when were stopped by Nahs and his friends.

"Natalie wait!" I say getting past Magcon.

"I wish you were dead Selena, you should've died when you tried to commit." She says turning around and facing me.

I stand there with tears in my eyes.

"So that's how you really felt? Saying that to the ONLY SISTER THAT HAS EVER BEEN THERE FOR YOU! THE ONLY ONE!! Was Alyson ever there for you? Or Nicole? Or the boys? Or even Maycie? Maybe you'll get your wish. Maybe I might just go cut again. So you can have all my stuff." I say, I turn around to be stopped by Nash.

"Sel-" Says Nash.

"Don't!" I say pushing past all of them. I run to my room and shut the door and run to the bathroom. All I remember is people shouting my name and my sister freaking out.

"Selena? Selena are you there? Selly please answer me." Cries Natalie.

I wake up and see so many people, O2L, Magcon, my sister and 1 person I barely recognize, I guess Nashs mom because he kinda said mom.

"Selena? Sweetie? Are you ok?" She says.

"What? Where am I? Who are y'all? Natalie, what's going on?" I ask looking at Nat

"We got in-" she tries to finish but just breaks down crying. "I'm sorry sissy, I didn't mean for it to happen. I didn't mean the words I said, I really didn't." She says looking at me from Hayes' arms.

"Nat, remember what I said earlier?"


"You and Hayes would be perfect together." I say opening my arms to hug her.

"Oh Selly, I'm so sorry. All those words I said earlier, I truly didn't mean."

"I know, it's ok." I say, i hear the door bust open to see my dad.

"Oh my god, Selena. Are you ok?" He says rushing to me. Everyone moves out of the way.

"Dad, I'm ok. I just-"

"She passed out . Mr. James, she passed out and we were there at the right time." Says Nash, covering for me.

"Ok, well I'm glad your ok Selena. But put some protein in you and you'll be ok." He says leaving and shutting the door behind him.

All I do is burst out crying and everyone looks at me.

"Selena, what's wrong?" Some ask.

"He doesn't know. He'll never know, he didn't know about my accidental suicide. Only mom does. He doesn't care, I'm the one that was actually suppose to die, I'm just the worthless child." I say shaking my head and crying.

I put my head in my hands and cry until I feel two arms wrap around me. I look up and see that it's Nash and just smile. And of course I wrap my arms around his waist in comfort. Then he whispers something in my ear.

"Baby your beautiful, no matter what anyone thinks. Your not worthless, your loved by many. And if you need anything I'll be there for you no matter what. We're all here for you Selena." He says, that just made me cry even more.

"Guys, it's time for the event." Says Cameron.

"I'll meet y'all there." Says Nash still holding on to me.

They all leave, including Natalie.

I get up but Nash holds me down.


"Uh huh."

"You can let go now."

"I'd rather not." He says putting his head into my neck.

"I have to get ready and so do you." I say.

"But can we talk first? About what you and Natalie were saying."

"Um sure." I say getting my stuff. "But can I take a shower? And we can talk while I'm getting ready."

"Oh uh yeah, that's fine." He says getting up and heading to the door.

"Where you going? You can stay." I tell him and he goes and sits back down.

I take a shower then get out. And get dressed. (Yes the door is open, their talking and no Nash cannot see Selena, he's on Nats bed away from the bathroom door.)

"So, about what you said earlier. About you dying and all that stuff. Why would you say that?"

"Well my whole life I was bullied." I say walking out. (I'm wearing shorts with a sports bra on) "this is why people bully me, because I'm a twig." I say grabbing my dress and putting it on over my shorts.

"But why would you try to kill yourself?" He says getting up.

"Because, I'm nothing. They hate me, my brothers and sisters never stick up for me." I turn around to see Nash standing there. Then he pulls me into a hug.

"Come on, let's go!" He says pulling me.

"Wait! Nash."

"Huh?" I jump on his back.

"Onward my blue eyed noble stead!" I say pointing to the venue. We burst through the door to see the VIP people.

"Oh hey! Nash made it! Oh and Selena." Says an unamused Jack Johnson.

"What's his problem?" I ask Mahogany while jumping off of Nashs back.

"He's just mad."


"Because, we just found out that 3 of our tour dates got canceled because of some stupid event." She says helping my with my makeup (my makeup is being done Mahogany style)

"Wow! What event?"

"Something for the YouTubers. Because they already have the venue, and tye don't want two events in the same night. An they won't let us share with the YouTubers. Because we might cause fights."

"Well that's dumb!" I say putting on my lipgloss.

"Ok, listen up kiddos. Y'all know the rules blah blah blah." The man says he looks around and then all of a sudden he was staring at me. "And who might you be? Just another fan?"

"No sir, I'm Mikael James' daughter, and that's Natalie. My little sister."

"Ok then. SOUNDCHECK." He yells.

-----Passed SOUNDCHECK------actual event----

We get through everything now were asking questions.

"So, who's next?" Asks Cam. "You in the pink tye dye shirt and bandana."

"How long has SHE been apart of Magcon?"

"Um not long." Says Nash.

"You!" Says Matt pointing to a blonde with a Jacob Whitesides shirt on and she's also familiar.

"She doesn't even deserve to be here. She's a worthless slut. She should've died when she tried to commit suicide that day. Selena your not even loved!! Magcon doesn't want you." She says. That's when everyone stares at me. I feel my cheeks get red and hot. I get up and run off the stage, with Nash, Cam, Natalie, and Hayes following me. (By the way, we have microphones on our shirts)

"Nash, just leave me alone." I say turning around and looking at him.

"No Selena. Your not worthless, I'm glad your alive. If you weren't I would've never have met a beautiful, smart, wonderful, crazy, talented girl like you." He says, wow he really has a way with words.

"No Nash, I deserve to die. I cut because of her."

"What do you mean? You know her?"

"Yes, that's one of my bullies. And my old bestfriend."

"Your bully?"

"Yes Nash, my bully. What do you not understand?" I say crying even more.

"Selena." I turn around to see my dad there.

"Dad I-"

"Why didn't you tell me you almost died?"

"I was gonna tell you but, i-I-I was scared too. I heard yours and moms conversation. About me being the worthless child."

"Selena, that's not true. We-we were talking about Tyler."

"No you weren't. You said "Selena doesn't do anything, she's worthless." Really? That's why I almost died cause of that."

"Sweetie I love you. The day YOU were born was special to me, it was the day your grandpa died. How it was special to me? It was because that man taught me so many things no other person can teach me. When you were born, you looked just like him. As you grew older, you were the same way he was."

"Dad, I'm sorry. I can't live here any more. Look, Nash? Will you?" I say unzipping my dress.

"Yeah." He helps me.

"I showed Nash earlier. We were talking about me cutting and my attempt of suicide." I say, as the dress falls. I look up to see Cam with tears in his eyes, Nat crying into Hayes' shoulder, My dad just staring at me and Nash looking away, and the guys looking and Mahogany too.

"Selena, I-"

"No it's ok. Dad, don't worry about it."

I get my dress and Nash helps me put I back on. I turn around to where I'm looking at Nash, and I wrap my arms around his waist and hug him.

"Thanks Nash. Your an amazing friend." I say, then everyone starts saying aww, and cheering. I look up and blush.

"Come on beautiful. I have something to say to you." He says holding his hand out for me to take.

I gladly take it and he leads me back on stage.

"Ok so, I'm just gonna say this right here and right now. So Selena, I just want you to know. That you are not 'Just another fan' your our family, and always will be. Your our bodyguards daughter. He's like a dad to all of us." Says Nash.

"Oh and if you ever. And I mean EVER self harm again. I will kill you Selena. You are BEAUTIFUL."

I start crying and everyone swarms me and hugs me. Nash being the main one.

"Awww guys, Mahogany. I love y'all too. But, y'all are squishing me." I say trying to break free they all let go except for Nash.

"I love you Selly." He whispers. Then gets embarrassed, because we all heard him.


"I know my mic is still on." He says letting go and looking embarrassed.

--------Back at hotel.--------

"I think he likes you Sel." Says Natalie.

"You think so?" I say from the bathroom. (I'm wrapped in a towel, drying my hair.)

"Yes! But, guess what?!"

"Your dating Hayes."

"How'd you know?"

"He just texted me and asked me and dad for our permission." I laugh.

"So do you like Nash?"

"Ummmm, ye-" I say walking out of the bathroom to see Nash, Hayes, Mahogany, Ok all of them.

"Hi." Says Cam stuffing his face with Cheetos on my bed.

"Oh my god. Nat! Why didn't you tell me? I'm not even dressed!" I say quickly grabbing my clothes and going to get dressed. I walk back out dressed in my cd is my boyfriend sweater and short shorts.

"Nice outfit." Says Nash.

"Thanks!" I say putting my hair up and laying down where Nah is.

"So why are y'all here anyways?" I ask getting on twitter. "And what is all that noise outside?"

"Go look." Sad Nat.

I get up and look out the window to a question.

"Will you please stay with us forever?" I read aloud. I put my hand over my mouth and start to cry and run out of the room and everyone comes after me.

"SELENA!!" I hear fans yell. I run past them till I get to a cliff. All I do is look down at the water hitting the rocks.

"Selena, what are you doing please don't jump." Says Aaron.

I turn around to see so many people. Strangers, fans, Magcon, and the management.

"I'm not gonna jump."

"But Selena,-"

"Can y'all all just please leave? I just need sometime to think. Actually as a matter of fact, I'm going walking. I love all of y'all but I just need time to think. So much has happened to me. My family, the bullies, the fans, Magcon. I'm not even famous, I don't sing, I don't dance, I'm not funny. How do y'all still like me?" I say, right then I step somewhere where I shouldn't have stepped..... I fall off put I catch onto the a part that's there.

"OH MY GOD SELENA." I hear Natalie yell.


"I'm ok." I say trying to hold back tears. "Nash."


"I'm sacred. I really am. Please hurry."

"No babe don't be scared it'll be ok. I promise. It'll all be ok." He says, I look up to see his beautiful blue eyes looking down at me but the eyes became even prettier because he was crying.

"Sir I need you all to move, I need you to back up from the edge." I hear a fire fighter say.

"No, I can't leave her."

"What's your name sweetie?" Says a female cop.

"S-Selena, my name is Selena."

"Selena, I'm going to send someone down to get you. I do not want you to let go until your secure. Ok?"

"Just please hurry."

They send a guy down.

"Selena right?" He says looking at me. "That's a pretty name. I have a 5 year old, who's imaginary friends name is Selena. She calls he Selly sometimes."

"She seems like a good kid."

"She is, she takes after her mom a lot." He says fastening something to me. "Ok Selena, I want you to wrap your arms around my neck. Ok?"

I do what he says and soon enough were back up there. All I do is run to Nash and cry into his arms.

--------- Later that night with Nash and Skylynn-----------

"I think we should make a late night YouTube video."

"I'm kinda tired. Tomorrow when we get back from Magcon?" I say looking at him.

"Please? You can pick. We can wake some of the guys up. Some of them are out messing with our fans."

"Ok fine. Wait! I have a great idea!! Hide and seek!! With the fans, it'll be amazing! Go get Jack and Jack, Jacob, Aaron, Dillon, and O2L."

"Who are you getting?"

"Cam, Carter, Matt, Shawn, Hayes and Taylor." I say running out of the room. The first one I see is my Asian. "Carter!!" I yell running up to him.

"Selena? I thought you were in the Griers room? Well Nash Hayes and Skylynns room."

"No we're gonna play a game. We have to have someone video tape it. Which is gonna be O2L. Well, Sam, Jc, and Connor. The others are playing too." I say.

"I'm in."

Have you seen Taylor?"

"3rd floor, he got caught up in a mess."

"Guess I'll go save him." I laugh.

I race down the stairs to see Matt sitting there with Jake Foushee.

"Hey guys, go up to our floor. To Nashs room. We're playing a game well explain more later. K bye." I say kissing Matt on the cheek and hugging Jake. "Gotta go see you there."

I keep going downstairs till I get to the 3rd floor where Taylor and Dillon Rupp are. All I hear is screaming fans.

"Girls. Girls. Girls. Calm down, we need to barrow Taylor and Dillon." I say and they all leave.

"How'd you do that?" Asks Taylor.

"Don't know just did. Go to Nashs room now. Gotta a game for everyone. Shawn?"

"Venue singing." Says Dillon pointing to the conference room.

"Thanks" I say walking to the conference room. I walk in slowly to hear Shawn.

"That's beautiful Shawn!"

"Oh! Ha thanks Selly." He says startled.

"Come on go to Nashs room, I have to find more guys!" I say.

"K I'll see you there Selly." He says leaving to the door.

"Go the other way." I say warning him.


"Too many girls!" I say laughing. I run to the door and go out and see Mahogany eating.

"Hey! Hayes is that way! Cam too." She says eating and pointing.

"Thanks loxyyy." I say running that way.

"Welcome love!"

I run to the door and open it to see Hayes chasing Can.

"Hayes Grier! Cameron Dallas!" I yell

They turn around to see me standing there. They come running towards me and Cameron has me in his arms.

"What is it beautiful?" He says still holding me.

"Go to Nash's room. Actually come with me to Nash's room since y'all are the last ones I found." I say as Cam puts me down.

"K." He says. I hop onto his back and we head to the elevator with Hayes following behind.

----- on our floor -----

We see Mahogany and some of the others outside. Along with my dad and Bart.

"Dad? What are you doing here?"

"Selena, I-I'm sorry." He says looking sad.

I get off of Cams back. Everyone's looking at me, by everyone I mean EVERYONE.

"What do you mean dad? What's going on?" I say walking towards the room. I get close to where I see it..... Nash getting lifted up onto a stretcher with blood on his shoulder.

"No. No it's not real it's a dream I swear it is." I say backing up and crying. I bump into someone, I look up to see Kian Lawley.

"Enjoying that? That's not gonna be the first time it happens Selena. Should've chose me instead." He whispers to me.

"YOU! YOU DID THIS TO NASH." I yell to him. I start at him until I'm held back by Cam, Hayes, Carter, Matt, and Taylor, ok all of them. Even Mahogany.

"Selena? Who are you talking to?" Asks my dad.

"K-Kian L-L-Lawley. From O2L." I stutter.

------- At the hospital with Nash ( He's asleep) -------

I lay there on the chair thinking of how much Nash has been there for me. All I can do is smile. I hear moaning and groaning. I look to see Nash moving.

"Nash! Your awake!" I say getting up and going up over to him.

"Selena? W-Where am I?" He says confused.

"Your in the hospital. It's 2 in the morning. The guys are in the hall asleep, Mahogany, my dad, and Bart are in the waiting room. Your mom and Skylynn are on their way here from Their trip to Hawaii, and Nat is back at the hotel with some of the guys from O2L." I say sitting next to him on the bed.

"Why aren't you asleep beautiful?" He asks pulling me close.

"Oh I'm not that tired." I say laying down next to him.

"I think your beautiful Selena." He says staring at me. "Oh my god did I say that out loud?"

"Yes." I laugh. I slowly drift off into sleep.

---------- Next day ----------

"Goodmorning beautiful." I hear a voice say. I wake up to see Nash out of the hospital bed with a nurse. "Good morning Miss. Selena. Everyone is waiting outside. They haven't seen Nash yet."

"Ok, I'll go talk to them real quick." I say getting up and walking out to the waiting room. "Morning everyone."

"Selena. So?" Says My dad.

"Well, he's ok. But! I'm in charge of how many visitors but he's ok though. I can promise you that. But Cam, Bart, Hayes, oh and miss Elizabeth and Skylynn." I say as they get up and follow me.

"Mom." Says Nash. She goes up to him and hugs him along with Skylynn, Hayes and Cam.

"Hey bro. How ya feelin?" Asks Cam.

"Ok. Now that I have a beautiful girl by my side and was taking care of me." He says looking at me. He takes my hand and of course I blush.

------- Finally left hospital, at Nashs house with his fam ------

"So, Selena. How do you and Nash know each other?" Asks hi mum, Elizabeth. And my goodness, she is beautiful! I see where Skylynn gets it from.

"Well, um actu-"

"Her dad is part of our security. And he would always tell us about his kids. And well, he got the chance to bring her and Nat on tour." He says looking at me smiling. (His blue eyes got me distracted)

I look at my phone then to Nash.

"What?" He asks.

"We have to get up early tomorrow, and it's already 12:00 in the morning. We have a 9 am flight."

"Oh ok, well I guess I'll show you where you can sleep. Since your dad's at the hotel. I don't want to wake them. You can just sleep here."

"Yes, you can sleep in the guest bedroom next to Skylynn and Nash's room." Says Skylynn's dad.

We walk up stairs to where Nashs room is and we walk into his room.

"Why are we in your room?"

"That door is locked and the only way to get in is through my room." He says, suddenly we hear a knock on the window. We turn to see a guy there about our age.

"Who's that?" I ask.

"Oh that's my friend Theo. he loves next door to me."

"Oh well I'm going to bed. Night Nash." I say hugging him and going to the guest bedroom.

I lay in the bed and look on my phone.

Twitter- 1 new notification.

-you now have more followers on twitter than vine famous Nash Grier.-

------ next day ------

I get up and walk through the door leading to Nash's room to wake him up. All I see is him sitting on his bed with his laptop and A girl next to him.

"Oh hi! You must be Selena!" She says getting up. She looked about 5'6, she had blonde hair and and blue eyes just lake Nash's eyes. I guess their cousins?

"Yeah I uh I am." I say a little confused.

"Oh I'm sorry, I'm Haleigh Grier, Nash's cousin."

"It's ok." I say as I walk over to Nash. "So, watcha doing?" I ask looking at him. (By the way, he is shirtless, she's wearing an oversized sweater with shorts. And Haleigh is wearing a Magcon jacket and some sweatpants.)

"Nothing. Just looking at all the hate your getting from our fans because they think we're dating." He says looking up to me.

"Oh those aren't my haters, that's my fans. Remember hate is just a fan that is scared to admit it." I say laughing, then we hear a knock on the door.

"Nash, can I come in?" Asks his mom.

"Yeah." He yells still looking at computer screen.

She walks in with Nash's suitcase.

"Good morning Selena." She says setting Nashs suitcase down.

"Good morning miss. Elizabeth." I say looking up at her and smiling.

"You can call me Elizabeth. Or mom." She says leaving.

I giggle a little and Nash just looks at me.

"What?" I say looking at him.

"Don't call her mom."

"Why? I might as well. I won't see mine for about 3-4 weeks." I say getting up.

"Well just don't. Ok? She's not your mom." He says closing his computer and standing up.

"Why are you being such a jerk now?" I say walking to the door. "Never mind I'm going to get dressed."

I walk into my room and get dressed into a crop top that's says "#selfie" on it. A black beanie with dope on it, black high waisted shorts, and my black vans.

Then I walk into Nashs too. To see him facing his bed shirtless. I run In there and hop on to his back.

"Onward my trusty stead." I say

"Thanks Selena." He says dumping me onto his bed.

"What did I do?"

"The guys don't want to be near me when your there."

"What did I do? And you can't do anything my dad is y'all's security." I say fixing my hair.

"It's because our fans hate us because you and Nat keep going up on stage and y'all aren't even apart of Magcon." He says turning away. I grab his wrist and bring him down to his knees facing me.

"So you don't want me near you when your with the guys. What about Hayes and Natalie? We can't break them up. Their together, I can easily stay away from you because we're not dating." I say looking at him.

------- At next Magcon (well the hotel) --------

I run up to mine and Natalie's room to see Mahogany and Hayes.

"Hey Sel. Were going out to eat with the guys wanna come?" Asks Nat.

"I uhm, I can't sorry."

"Why not?" Asks Mahogany.

"The guys don't want me around them. They don't even want Nash around them when I'm with him."

"Oh yeah they told me about that." She says emphasizing the word that.

They leave and all I do is lay down and watch TV until I hear a knock on my door. I walk over there and open it to see a cop standing there.

"Hello Miss Selena is it?"

"Yes sir"

"Your friends, have been put in jail for destruction of property. And they need you to get them out." I step out and shut the door and go with the officer to the lobby where of course all the fangirls are. We get down there and there's nothing but fangirls singing rude by magic. We keep moving surprisingly we're not getting mobbed. I keep walking until I reach the group of guys where everyone's not in handcuffs except for Nash.

"Sorry Selena. We were climbing on top of the diner." He says laughing

"Really Nash how stupid can you get?!" I say.

"Not stupid enough, but can you do me a favor."

"What is it?"

"Turn around and look at the sky and tell me what you see and I'll tell you when to turn around." I turn around and look at the sky. "All I see is the blue sky and white clouds."

"Ok well turn around and tell me what you see then." I turn around to see Nash on his knees with a rose. "Selena, I want you to be my girlfriend. I love you so much! You are the most prettiest girl I have ever seen, well other than my fans, my mom, and little Skylynn."

I start crying and Nash brings me into a hug.

"I love you beautiful. I want you to be mine forever. And I also want you to be apart of Magcon. I've heard you sing before and your voice Is beautiful."

"Hey! Don't touch my BAEritto!!" We hear someone say. We turn to sssseeeee t-t-the Brent Rivera!!! Aaaahhhh.

"BRENT RIVERA!!!!" I scream almost bursting their eardrums out.

"AAAYYYYEEEEE, Magcon bros what's up?" He says walking over to us. All of a sudden I hear my phone go off and answer it.


"Hey sweetie, um you know how we told you you had a long lost brother? Well twin at that. Umm he's vine famous. And well I guess your dad can tell you from there."

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH." I scream causing everyone to look my way.

"What happened?"

"I have a twin brother that's vine famous." I hold back m fangirling.

"Oh yeah, you mean me?" Says Brent pointing at himself.

"Your my twin brother?!?"

"Yeah, nobody told you did they. Well long story but I think well have time AFTER Magcon." He says walking into the hotel venue while all the fangirls are following him inside.

I turn around and laugh. Then I kiss Nash that's when everyone starts screaming.

"What was that for?"

"Because your Nash Grier. And I love you so so much." I say wrapping my arms around his waist.


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