Dont tell Louis!

I'm Daisy Tomlinson....and I'm a secret cutter.

(Updates will be kinda random but it'll be less random soon...I hope)


1. Razor blades and Hot Topic

Daisy's POV

I grab my razor blade and make one long cut.Ten minutes later I've got about 20 new cuts. Oh well. I clean them up,grab my fav hoodie and put it on. Now no one will know. I walk down stairs and grab an apple. Mom is out with Louis right now so she won't be back for a while. I love my brother,but I wish he would call before he comes. Me and mom had plans today and we never have plans. I need to go shopping! I'll take Louis's car. I grab his keys off the counter and leave a note. I jump in his car and pull out of the drive way and towards the mall. Hot topic here I come!

*after her shopping trip*

I get back to the house and when I get inside,Louis doesn't look too happy.

"What's up?" I say

"Why do u do it?" He says and looks up damn he's been crying. But why?

"Do what?"

He pulls down my jacket sleeve.


"I don't have to explain anything to you"I say sassily

I run upstairs and lock my door.

Who told him about my cuts?

No one else knows!

I'm exhausted. I jump in bed and soon fall asleep.

Hello! I'm starting another fanfic! Are you guys excited! Cause I am! Who do u think told him? I want to know who you guys think told! Comment!

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