Honors Class: Eighth Grade Version

As our final year at PV comes to a close, I wrote a poem since some people wanted one and I wanted to keep on the tradition. It's definitely not as good as last year's.


1. Honors Class: Eighth Grade Version

A/N: DSIA (description says it all). If I made any typos or error in character of someone or grammar/typos, please let me know! I'll write who is who tomorrow!


A girl who loves her fandoms and still loves to write and read 

A still-Dauntless blonde who is always willing to take the lead 

Another girl who loves crafts and fashion, who is skilled at math and is kind 

Her friend who loves fashion as well, and is always willing to speak her mind

The President of our Student Council who is responsible and helpful to everyone 

A 1D/5SOS fangirl who is very friendly and seems to have a lot of fun 

A Greek demigod artist, with Perico as her OTP 

Another artist who's a friend of hers who still doesn't understand the tallies 

Another Psych-fan friend of theirs who holds interestion conversations  

A swimmer who also loves Nico; I've known her through most of my school education 

A sporty girl who I still really don't know, despite two years have gone by before our eyes

And those are all of the girls, let's once again move onto the guys 


The guy who still follows majority of the rules; in math he does do well 

The gendocidal guy who may destroy Earth; only time will tell 

The semi-forgetful one who seems to be good at heart 

The guy who, out of all of us, probably still is the most smart 

The soccer player who seems to just go along with all the crazy things he hears

Another sports guy who I still really don't know, despite knowing him for almost seven years 

The paper crafter who is a bit different, but in a very good way  

The baseball-loving sports blogger who never fails to have something to say 

Another atheltic guy whom I don't know much about; wow, my don't-really-know list is longer this time 

Now, once again, I have covered all the Honors Kids in these rhymes 


Eighth grade has been a year of change, one I'm happy to finally complete

I'm fairly certain that for almost everyone on my team is that it's not a year they would wish to repeat 

The Perck 2013-2014 Honors Class didn't have too many memorable things  

Well, Sherlock Holmes, the Constitution, Bill Nye, and assembling kite strings

This year now lies in the past, what the future holds-we must wait and see 

One thing that I DO know: we're off to high school, ALLONS-Y!!!!

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