But, I'm Only Human...

"Designer babies," the term hadn't become huge until 2037, when there was a huge economic boom and we were free to spend money left and right. They became the biggest trend. It's 4498 and now, its rare to find what we call "chances," kids born by chance, without the specific genes that are what they'd call normal. Sad as it is, I'm a chance.


1. The Genetic Laws of Kiss My Butt.

We are who we are for a reason. For most of us, that reason is science. Except for me, and a few others, that is. But that's because our parents were stupid, they didn't want to follow the Genetic Laws.

The Genetic Laws of Science basically state that if you didn't pick what you wanted on your kid from a genetic menu, you're sentenced to death, and your little brat gets stuck in a world of "designer babies." But no, my parents didn't care about me enough to not get themselves killed. Now, I'm stuck here,surrounded by a bunch of perfect kids.

By perfect, I mean the tall, thin girls with bottle blonde hair, and bright blue eyes. The ones who each have a knack for certain things and are all smart. And the guys, all muscular and tall, amazing at either sports or music. Brown hair, maybe brown eyes, mostly green, with strong jawlines. Perfect.

Me, I'm short, I've got dark brown hair, brown eyes. But, I wouldn't say I'm ugly. No.

Just because I'm not a premade prat doesn't mean I feel ugly, or that I am ugly. I'm just... not like them. I just haven't gotten my genes pulled out of a hat, that's all. But still they claim that since the GLS says yadda dada da, that "chances" (people like me) are illegal. Completely wrong, but whatever.

So, you try being a chance. It's no fun, honestly, but from time to time, something really big happens. Like the time John Deran fell for Kati Lorae. She was a chance, and he was not. I'm just hoping something interesting happens to me.

Oh, I forgot to introduce myself! I'm Erin, Erin Torrent.

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