Matthew Espinosa Love Story (Short)

Matthew falls for this girl and she falls and then something happens find out what.....


1. The Start

Karlie: Hey I’m Karlie and I am sixteen. I like to be with my bffs. To be honest I don’t have a lot because I’m not that popular girl. I’m that weird girl, but funny girl, yay, lol. Anyway yeah. i’m single and tired of being this pringle. Yeah bye. Oh and Kate is my bestfriend. Matthew: Hey I’m Matt and yes I’m off of vine. I love my fans and my frands. I really love girls who are wild and fun. I am not in a relationship but I do like this girl named Amber and this other girl but I can’t say her name because I barely know her and that would be weird. Yeah so swag and peace. Kate: Hey I’m Kate and I love Karlie, like omg. Lol, haha. So anyway hmu sometime. Kik me, I ain’t putting my number up here. Katethekitty2673939 (Not Really lol) I know it’s long so people can forget it if I don’t like you. Anyways bye and peace. Oh and I ain’t single so don’t touch it honey.
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