Meh. 💋

Hey hey! Vas Happenin'? Katie here! (Duh��) this is going to be the book I confide in. My life. The story of my life. But remember: the greatest answer in life… meh! -Katie ����


1. me e e e e e 😈

Wassup! I am pleased to declare (lol) that… I, Katie, has stopped self-harming!!!! Whoop Whoop!!!! 💋!!

Okaaaay so now (how) to begin…?

With a bang? Okay… 💥!

That did NOT work……… oops.

Okay so I'm sixteen years old and I am the author of Forever and Always and Jerk That I Used To Know.

I also have a cover store… feel free to check it OUT! Lol. Not. (Do check it out though, and my other books too)

I have 4 or 5 books currently in progress.

This is just somewhere I can vent. And I don't expect anyone to really read this.

If you do not like swearing or suicide and self harm… fuck off. This is my story and my place. I can do as I like. It's on red anyway… I think…

Gotta go………… for now.

I probs won't update often so too bad.

Bye for now bitches!! (Don't take any notice of what I call you… I'm in a REALLY bad mood at the moment.)

-Katie. 😘

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