The Personal Blog of Doctor John H. Watson

My name is John Watson, and I am an army doctor recently returned from Afghanistan. This is a blog about my life living in London.


1. Nothing Happens to Me

The idea of starting up a blog was put to me by a... friend. Well, I say friend. Doctor. Psychiatrist, really. Apparently I suffer from a form of shellshock. Rubbish, I say. The memories, that's all. They're...haunting.

I took a while, coming to write this entry. As I tried to tell her last week, this is pointless. Nothing happens to me. My life is too boring, to unexciting, too mediocre to be important to anyone. I've been thinking long and hard about what to write. Adding bits. Deleting bits. 

To be honest, there's only so much a retired doctor, living alone in London without so much as a friend can say about his life. And I suppose this is all there is.

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