Bad Boy, Good Lips

He was a bad boy - but damn he had good lips.

1. one

"He's staring at you, Al." Maria whispered, not looking away from wherever she was staring over my shoulder. I turned around to see a beautiful face, a curly head and like my friend said - a pair of staring eyes. 
"Is he new?" I tried to sound uninterested, although I might actually wanted to know. 
"Yeah, I think his name is Styles or something. Go talk to him."
I chuckled, "Like Dylan O'Brien in teen wolf?" I looked at Maria, "And as if I would talk to him." 
Maria rolled her eyes, "Come on, he is so hot!" she finally took his eyes off him and turned towards me, "You don't think he's hot?"
I smirked, "He's really hot." I admitted, he was. "I'm not going to tell him that though, he seems like one of those guys who get all cocky when they get told things like that." 
"Can I take him then?" She said jokingly, but I knew for sure she was being serious. 
I smirked even wider, "Not yet, Maria." I said as I turned around, gave Styles a quick glance and then walked away to class with my best friend by my side. 


I heard someone clear their troath behind me as I was unlocking my car, which made me jump. I quickly looked over my shoulder to see the familiar face from earlier. Styles. 
"Trying to scare me or what?" I let out a quick giggle. 
I noticed him take a few steps closer, "Maybe." He spoke with a low and husky voice, and I thought this boy couldn't get sexier. 
"What's your name?" He asked and took a few more steps closer, I has goosebumps underneath my leather jacket, not that he would ever notice that. 
"Alison Whitesides." I turned around and had to look up at the slightly taller boy, "Yours?"
"I'm Harry Styles." He grinned lightly, showing off a pair of dimples. He really can't get sexier now. 
I nodded, "And why do you feel the need to creep up by my car, Harry?" I asked.
Harry laughed lightly, "I wasn't. I'm waiting for a... a friend." He squinted his eyes and looked away as a car drove into the parkinglot. 
"One second, Whitesides." He blinked and walk towards the car which now stood still and two guys got out of it. They looked older, also a little scarier. 
Harry did some kind of shake with them, if I didn't pay attention to it, I wouldn't have noticed that Harry handed the guy a bag of white powder as they did so. 
Drugdealer. Wow. 
I suddenly got a little scared as Harry walked away from the guys and back to me, who knows what else he's doing on his free time?
"You're really cool, Styles. Drugdealing on school property." I lift my eyebrow to show my sarcasm. 
He tilted his head back and laughed, can't deny he's getting sexier by the minute. "Are you gonna tell daddy or what?" 
Wait a minute... "You know about my dad?" I wrinkled my brows. 
"I might've talked to your friend. The redhead one." He grinned. 
Damn it, Maria.
"I better take of, Whitesides." He announced and leaned in to my face, "You're pretty beautiful, you know?" This time the smirk was wider than ever and I couldn't help but blush and look down at my feet. 
"I'm hoping to see a lot more of you." He looked me from up and down, "Physically." I notied a wink before he turned around and jumped into a Range Rover. 
Bad boy.

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