Always Remember Me


1. Flashback 💞

* Trinity's Pov *

After packing I decided to call Mikey even though he will be sad but I just need to get it off my chest.

@ Phone Convo @

Mikey- hello

Me- h-hi Mikey

Mikey- why does it sound like you're gonna cry

Me- because I am

Mikey- why

Me- cause my mom is making us move to California and I don't want to leave

Mikey- meet me outside your house rite now alright

Me- okay

@ End Of Phone Convo @

I hung up my phone with tears coming down my face like a waterfall

that I couldn't hold in any longer, every emotion know to man went into the tears that came down my face . I absolutely felt like my life was over . I went out my window then walked around the house to the front and sat on the front porch. A few minutes later Mikey appeared and sat next to me . I just sighed and didn't make eye contact .

" so you're leaving" Mikey said sounding like he's gonna cry .

" yea " I said still not making eye contact

" when are you leaving?" Mikey asked

" tomarrow morning" I said finally making eye contact

" you know I'll miss you so much " he said putting his head on my shoulder. I put mine on top of his .

" I'll miss you more than you'll miss me " I said taking my head off his.

We stood up and I gave him a huge bear hug . I seriously didn't want this moment to end . We pulled away from each other and gave me a kiss on my cheek the before he turned away he told me ' Always Remember Me'.


( Meet Trinity)

Trinity Adams is a 14 year old girl who is outgoing, smart, and bubbly. She has lots of friends and loves family. Recently her mom told her they had to move to California cause her mom got a new job . Trinity was best friends with Mikey Fusco by when she left she left him lonely and depressed. Two years later Trinity returns to her home town in New Jersey . While on her way to the dance studio Mikey and and his friends dance at they run in to each other . What will happen.

A/N: This is my first time writing a story like this so it may be suckish.

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