Jordyn (or J) feels as though she is stuck between her dreams and nightmares, but what happens when she comes face to face with the fearsome troubles of her past? Or when she meets her biggest idols: One Direction? READ TO FIND OUT!!!!!! Copyrighted: 2014
Also on Wattpad by Anime_J, slightly different, being edited.


1. My Lovely Life

Jorydn's pov

Hey. My names Jordyn. I'm 22 and I have shoulder-length brown hair with natural blonde highlights and brown eyes. My favorite color is orange and I love drawing and reading, but the thing I love the most: One Direction. Personally, Louis is my favorite but they're all so funny and amazing.Of course, I listen to them whenever I can but most definitely not when I'm home....my parents got divorced and I live with my older brother and my mom,until my brother went to college,but now I get abused almost every day,mentally and physically.

"JORDYN!!!GET YOUR UGLY BUTT DOWN HERE NOW!!!!" My mom yelled,which was NOT a good sign at all! "Y-yes mom?" I asked meekly. "Explain to me why you're getting an F in science!!!" "Well,the teacher was absent for a month and we had a sub...she didn't really teach us anything and gave us a test just a few weeks ago...." I said looking down at my feet.

"WELL YOU SHOULD GO TO TUTORING OR SOMETHING!! NOT JUST WASTE ALL YOUR TIME WITH YOUR 'FRIENDS!'" She yelled. "LOOK AT ME WHEN IM TALKING TO YOU!!" She screamed,yanking my hair up to face her while tears streamed down my face. She slapped me across the cheek,hard and kicked me while I was on the ground.she kicked me in my ribs and stomach.

"You. Little. Idiot. I wish. You were never born. You stupid, ugly girl!!!" she said in between blows. Small sobs and whimpers escaped my throat. Help me......I thought before finally blacking out.

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