My Second Life

They say second chances don't happen. They say your suppose to forget. They say life is precious, but they don't know my story.
This is the story of my second life. I died but came back to earth with a second chance. And I remember everything.
I am ready for revenge. I am ready for forgiveness. I am ready for love.
I am Mari Jonsen, and this is my story.


1. Renew

My eyes fluttered open to the rotten smell of garbage.

I looked at my many surroundings trying to figure out where I was and noticed I was laying on the ground.

When I tried to move my legs they lay still in front of me. I felt numbness and my legs tingled as I kept struggling. I lifted my hands without a struggle and laid them softly on my cheeks. They felt ice cold, but I did not.

I couldn't explain it, but at that moment I felt different. I felt like I was in someone else's body, a replacement.

When I glanced at my hands I realized they were not my own. They were fragile and gentle, but different .

I then felt a gust of wind rush over me and shivered, the feeling returning to my legs. I still could not move the legs that were attached to the body I was in. It pains me to call them my own.

As I glanced around again I realized I was laying in a courtyard. I don't know how I got here, but it felt like it was meant to happen.

As I laid still, not making an effort to stand, I watched a bird fly over me. How it soared intrigued me, how it was so gentle as it glided, so high. I thought of how it was free to do as it pleased, and I was stuck here unable to move. I pondered the last of these thoughts as I closed my eyes and faded out of consciousness.

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