Zerrie Tales

Zayn and Perrie meet on the X Factor 2011 and hit it off about a year later he proposes to her and in November they get married. Will they be able to make it the end? Or will their careers separate them? What happens when Perrie gets a phone call from someone will that be the end of Zerrie? Read Zerrie Tales to find out! Yes some of the chapters are short but don't worry they're good!


1. chapter 1

Zayns pov.

Today was the day. I felt like I was going to find someone that I was meant to be with. I was so nervous for a reason that I didn't even though. It could just be something in the air.

"Zayn are you ready man?" Liam called from the kitchen of the bus.

"Yea just give me a second."

I had to look good today I felt like I had to impress someone. We were on the set of the X Factor not because we were still in it but because we were performing for their entertainment. As we made our way back stage I saw her. The most beautiful girl I have ever seen. I had I know more. I had to have her.

As I made my way to her she looked like she was becoming nervous so I kinda just stood there staring at her.

"Can I help you?" Was all she said in her amazing accent.

"Oh, um, no c-can you tell me where One Directions dressing room is?" Really Zayn really that's all you said I mentally punched my self.

"Yea of course!"

As I followed her farther back stage I thought it was a good time to aske for her name.

"So, do you have a name?"

"Oh I'm Perrie. Sorry I didn't introduce myself before. But I'm here with my band Little Mix. Were here to audition if that's not obvious."

Out if everything she said all I hard was blah Perrie blah blah blah Little Mix blah blah blah audition blah blah hahaha. I don't what got into me until she was snapping her fingers in front of me because I had been staring at her for quite a while without realizing it.

"Oh s-sorry. I'm Zayn Malik from One Direction."

"Haha I know who you are."

"Right. Well I'll see you around?"

"Yep Mr. Malik you sure will"

And with that our conversation ended as I walked into the dressing room with the boys all smiling their stupid smiles.

"What are you looking at never seen a hot guy before?" I asked mocking them.

"Ohh Zayny has a woman crush?" Niall said in a teaser way.

"Oh her. No I was only asking for the direction the the dressing room." Even that was a bad lie to me.

"C,mom Zayn you can tell is!" Liam said excited.

"Huh, yes I do think she is very pretty but no I don't think it will any farther than that."

Oh how I was so mistaken.

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