The Love We Have

Rosemarie is a belieber and a werewolf. What happens when her and her sister Julia go to a concert in their hometown and meet their mate. ��


1. Chapter 1🔥

* Rosemarie's Pov *

I was up getting ready with my sister Julia for Justin Bieber's concert here in Atlanta, Georgia tonight at 9:00. We were dressed alike. I was dressed in a white tank top that had Justin's first and last name on the front in black, light blue denim high waisted shorts that had spikes on the pocket , and all white supras. I sprayed on Justin's perfume " The Key " that came out a few weeks ago and Julia sprayed on " Girlfriend ". Julia's outfit was like mine but her Supras and tank top was red-orange and her shorts were white and also high waisted. We did our hair the same which was wavy. When we were done getting ready we headed downstairs to the kitchen and a water bottle for the both of us so we each had one then we said goodbye to our parents then got in my car and drove to the arena. We go out my car and did one last outfit check and went inside the arena. As we got there I parked and we got and did one last outfit check and walked inside. We showed the guy in the front our tickets and went inside. Inside there were screaming as loud as they could. Then suddenly smoke began to come from the stage and every girl in there went wild because they knew Justin was about to come on stage. Music the began to play and as they smoke began to clear we all saw Justin with his mic in his left hand. The then started to sing " Take You " , " As Long As You Love Me " and others he wrote. Towards his very last song of the night he locked eyes with mine and my wolf was screaming mate. My eyes widened and I grabbed Julia's arm.

" Julia we have to go like now " I said

" why what's wrong " Julia said

" Justin fucking Bieber is my mate that's what's wrong " I said and her eyes widened and she quickly grabbed my arm and we tried to make our way through the huge crowd of screaming girls that were yelling in our ears.

We were suddenly stopped by two huge guys one was causation and one was African American. They stood over us looking down at us. My eyes widened as they both picked us up and took us backstage to what I guess was a dressing room. They then sat us down on a sofa. Julia and me looked around and saw guys around looking at us with all kinds of looks on their faces. Some of them had lustful looks on their faces and in their eyes. Moments later his smell was outside the door , it smelt like mint , sweat , and it smelt delicious. Then seconds later I saw him walk in with a water bottle in his hand and a small medium sized towel around his neck. He walked in and looked at me and Julia. When he spotted he let out a growl and growled ' mate '. He slowly walked over to me and say next to me. I then heard another growl come from somewhere I look to see it a guy with really tan skin and he sat next to Julia staring at her. Julia and I looked at each other then back at our mates. I took out my phone to see it was almost midnight. My eyes widened and as fast as I could I grabbed Julia's forearm and ran out out of the room as fast as our legs could take us outside the arena. I quickly took out keys and we got in my car.

* Justin's Pov *

I watched as my mate and what I guess was her sister run out my dressing room and out the arena. I smiled to myself at the thought of her being scared or having the look of fear in her eyes. I then looked at Alfredo.

" I love a good chase " Alfredo said

" I do too but not rite now " I said

* Rosemarie's Pov *

As Julia and I got home we ran inside and closed then locked the door quickly. Our parents looked at us with weird facial expressions on their faces.

" what's wrong " my mom said

" we were at the concert and two huge guys took us backstage into Justin's dressing room then come to find out Justin is her mate and his friend is mine so we ran because I guess we panicked " Julia said

" why don't you guys go to bed maybe it will help a little " my mom said

" okay mom " I said

" goodnight " Julia said and it went upstairs behind her and went to my room.

I stripped out my clothes and put in and oversized t shirt then got in bed and went to sleep.

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