Jerk That I Used To Know.

My twin brother. More like my twin BOTHER! The Amazing Louis Tomlinson! Blah Blah Blah! HA! Louis will have most likely have forgotten about me. I ran away when I was 13. 5 years ago. I have a job as a undercover bodyguard for celebrity's. No biggie. Now he is a celeb and I have to work undercover as one of their 'girlfriends' GREAAAAAAT! - note sarcasm.


1. You Won't Ever Find Me.

Kara's POV:

Hi my name is Kara SanLuke. Or at least it is now. Years ago I was called Kara Tomlinson. But that is OVER! I hate that family! I ran away when I was 13. I am now 19. All of my friends and family from when I was a Tomlinson think I am dead. It is better that way. I survived on my own for 6 years, yet I am working as a bodyguard and for that job I had to be super smart. I am like Jane freakin' Bond!

Okay so about me; I go to a special fighting school, I hate Louis Tomlinson more than anything, and last but not least I hate One Direction.

My brother is a dick. With a HUUUGE, FAT EGO! Most girls obsess over boybands. But me? I couldn't really care less.

Before I joined this school I tried to kill myself. Epic fail. I jumped off my balcony and onto the trampoline from when we were kids. Didn't bother to go inside though. I just rolled off and took off running. Not to brag or anything but I was the fastest runner in school. No one could ever catch me.

Now I am the 3rd fastest (3rd out of boys and girls 1st out of girls) and 4th strongest (4th out of boys and girls 2nd out of girls) but I don't seem to have any muscles in my arms or legs. I love the life here. It is amazing (or should I say "amaZAYN")

Bliss. I have just finished Target Practise and am eating a small chocolate bar and drinking a cold glass of water. Like most girls, I worry about my weight but unlike most girls I get the most AMAZING (again should I say amaZAYN?) workout every day! When "Could agent 4001 Kara SanLuke please report to agent 001's office." (Agent 001 is the boss of this organisation.) comes over the intercom. I stand up and sprint the kilometre to agent 001's office, which is right in the center of the building, without breaking a sweat.

I slow down and walk into James' office (he is the boss!) "Kara, sweetie, I have a new job for you." James treats me like I am his daughter, "you are to become the girlfriend of one of the boys from One Direction." My eyes pop outta my head, "but you are actually their bodyguard." "Will they know about this Dad?" I call him dad because to me, my other family never existed. "Yes. Sweetie, they will know that you are their bodyguard. They do not yet know that their newest bodyguard is a girl, but, Paul requested it." "Oh. Okay." "Kara?" "Yes Dad?" "Act like you don't know Louis. It will be fine." James is the only one who knows about my past.

Hmm... I technically should be called Kara Bond, because Bond is James' last name and he 'adopted' me.

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