My Husband's Lover (A Larry Stylinson Story)

One married couple named Lally and Vincent and thinking they had a perfect life with their two kids. But is there is secret that Vincent has been keeping from Lally after all these years.


1. Author's note/Summary/Characters

First of all I'm not much of a Larry Stylinson shipper but somehow I got inspired from a great tv show that is from the Philippines and came up with this story.

Now, this story is about a typical college girl who just met this guy at her friends birthday party at a club and somehow got attracted by him. Soon as they grow up they have two kids and everything is all good. For now until she realized that her husband has been keeping a secret from her and her kids.


Louis Tomlinson plays Vincent Soriano

Harry Styles plays Eric Del Mundo

And Lally Soriano well that's up to you. I'll be taking requests. Please comment your name, personality, looks and why your perfect for this part.

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