The Way You Are

What would you do if you met the most famous boys in the world in a café in London? And what would you do if a breathtaking lovestory arise?
Two girls, five boys, one story!


3. The Dream


I walked with wide-open eyes out of the café. Did this really happen… but that weren´t really…? And they wanted to meet US?! I coudn´t grasp a clear thought anymore. But slowly I calmed down again and began to smile. It wasn´t a dream, we met two boys of the most popular boyband in the world and I already had their phone numbers!!! I realized that my hands were shaking and as I was completely myselve again, I turned over to Ami.

OMG! Ami! That was the madne… What´s going on“, I looked to my friend a bit bewildered because she looked like as she wanted to start crying instantly. But it didn´t look like tears of happiness, rather as if she was ashamed.

She looked at me with tears-stained eyes. „Yes, it was the madness we met the coolest boys in the world. Every girl is dreaming of this moment and I... I have brought out simply no record“, she said sadly. Nor I knew what happened. She thought that the boys, don´t like her because of her appearance but, no, she couldn´t really think this. Didn´t she see how Harry observed her all the time?Soon I comforted her.

Oh Ami, Harry had only kept his eyes on you“, I said encouragingly.

What? Oh nonsense! They always looked at you and laughed about everything you said no matter what“, she said coldly.

I couldn´t believe it that she was jealous of me. She sometimes was a bit stupid, wasn´t she? He looked at her all the time and she didn´t understand anything!!! I broke out into loud laughter. Ups! That was stupid because she looked at me very darkly. Soon I explained why I laughed.


And you really think he is interested in me“, she asked carefully as if I would take it all back in the next moment.

Yes! And he was completely embarassed as you only had so nearly responded“

Hmm… That was stupid of me“, she said.

Why? So he see that he can´t have all“, I answered and winked at her amused.

So it was not really a while. We talked and talked. That was expected because we dreamed of a meeting with the boys so longly. But we never have tought that the dream will become reality everywhen.

Now we only have to turn right here and then we are there”, navigated me my friend to our flat. I was very happy, as it was clear, that we drove to London. Above all, I was glad, that I found our flat, but only with her. Without her I would be lost somewhere.

As we arrived at our flat, I threw me on the bed. A shopping tour like that was really exhausting.


I must have fallen asleep, because suddenly I was in the café again. The peoples jostled and it was very noisy. A girl cried somewhere and another one fainted. Then I saw them, Niall and Harry. They sat at the same table as before and laughed out loud. At that moment I realized Amelie, who whispered something to me, but it was too loud and so I couldn’t understood her. We went slowly to the table, where the two boys sat. As they saw us, they were very happy and greeted us friendly. We sat next to them and began to talk. After a while it began to rain outside and suddenly many reporter and photographers came in the café and look for something. Niall and Harry jumped up and jostled to go. I understood and we ran quickly to the second exit. We ran and ran and laughed all the time. Anytime we came to an empty park. It was not big, but it had a hidden bench, it was behind a wall, under a tree, where we were saved of the rain. We sat there long and watched the meadow. You only heard the sound of the rain, which rattled the dense canopy of leaves and the chirping of birds. I shivered a little bit, because I was very wet. Niall noticed this and offered his jacket on me. I took it gratefully and was equal to much warmer. I saw, that Harry had his arm around Amelie and that pleased me more than anything else, because she was so cute, when she was happy. Suddenly I felt Niall’s hand on my. I turned to him and looked into his beautiful eyes. His face came closer and closer to my face and then...

I opened my eyes, my heart was pounding like crazy. Slowly I realized that it was all just a dream. I got up a little bit disappointed and went into the kitchen.

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