The Way You Are

What would you do if you met the most famous boys in the world in a café in London? And what would you do if a breathtaking lovestory arise?
Two girls, five boys, one story!


2. And all I said was...nothing


As we didn´t know this! They looked at me and I looked at them and then I became blushed.

„Can we please sit down?“, Niall asked quickly.

„Ähm, yes why not?“, my friend stammered a bit surprised.

Both sat down and I could look at them a little closer.

Harry, the boy with the curlies had lime-green eyes and wore closly jeans like always. He wore an expensive brown jacket over his light-coloured t-shirt.

Niall instead had blonde, short hair and wore a white tanktop. His jeans were washed out and he wore, due to his shirt, white shoes .

„I´m Laura and this is my friend Amelie!“, she pointed at me and yanked me out of my thoughts, „We make an exchange year here in London!“

„Really? Wow, so cool!“, Niall answered and thrusted a muffin in his mouth.

„Where are you come from?“, Harry participated in our conversation.

„Germany“, I just said because I was too excited and too shy. My face still had the colour like a tomato.

„I like germany!“, Niall mumbled with a crowded mouth.

„Mh“, I tore myselve away from them and spooned the cream of the rest of my pie.

„What do you think about London?“, Harry asked some minutes later. He tried to make a conversation. But something went wrong with me. I wanted to say him how pretty he was. I wanted to talk with them and never stop to tell but that, what went out of my mouth wasn´t my mind. I hadn´t any control about it anymore.

„Yeah, huge city, many houses, dirty air... Not bad...“, I said ironically to my cake and suddenly I had to try really hard not cry. Was this the reaction when you meet a star? Why did I say such things? Why

couldn´t I say something normal like Laura?

„London is amazing! We both love the city. I mean we come from the country and we are not used to the noise and the traffic but London is beautiful!“, Laura saved the situation.

I screwed everything. Now they don´t like me anymore. No, they haven´t loved me anywhen. However? They don´t know me. But now Laura had all the attention. She talked with them and they laughed a lot. But when I opened my mouth only shit came out. I think I should say nothing.

I ate the rest of my cake and I gathered all my courage and looked into the round: „Ähm... I think we still have to go...“

I looked at the watch in the middle of the room. I just couldn´t stand it anymore.

„But we have still some ti... oh yes, äh, jeah, i think we should go on!“, Laura stuttered and cast a slightly quizzical look to me.

„Ähm... Don´t we want to meet again? I mean, you still will be a while in Lon...don“, now it was Harry who came in falter.

Oh no!

„Yes, sure!“, Laura screamed quickly and her voice jumped up one octave.

„Ähm..., but maybe you want to give us your number? So that we can make up something?“, Niall asked but he only looked at Laura.

They changed their numbers but then we said goodbye soon. All what I wanted was, to go away from here!

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