Dance my heart out

When a young dancer named kohl goes to a dance comp she gets angry with her score and storms out but who will she bump into maybe her favorite boy band u will have to read to see what happens!


1. Dance dance and more dance

Mom I yelled she was still sleeping we leave in 10 I yelled louder then before ok, ok sweet heart be down in a sec she said with a yawn I went in my room and packed the rest of my stuff. we were going to a dance comp in Britain home of my all time fav band what if they r there I thought maybe ill get there autograph or maybe a hug oh I'm soo excited. Ok ready my mom said rushing down the stairs 3 am is too early for me my mom said loudly me to I said and off we went to the airport. First flight to Britain aboard I heard a lady with long blonde hair say in the husky voice I ever heard on a woman. When we were on the plane I got a little scared I don't like planes but I guess I'll have to here goes 3 hours of my life ill  ever get back I said mumbling under my breath as the plane took off and I adjusted my seat. After about 10 mins I was sleeping. Kohl,kohl KOHL my mom screamed I woke up like a lighting bolt were here she said in a sweet voice ok I said getting up lets go. 


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