My Secret - Harry Styles Fan fiction

Harry Styles 1/5 of one direction has a secret, He's a cat hybrid. He has his charming looks with his brunette curls and his piercing green eyes with his smile adds up for every girl to look at with one direction but what they don't know is that he has more charming features which are hidden. Yep you got it that includes a tail and ears what will happen to his secret though?


1. Chapter 1


My names Harry. Yes you proberly know me from the band called One Direction, i love it it's like my job everyday now and i couldn't ask for anything else. Only thing is i got a secret but you got to come closer. No closer than that, even closer. I'm a Hybrid, i'm part cat and part human. None of my band mates know my secret because i hide my ears and tail.


Harry's P.O.V

We are on our up all night tour and we are currently in LA. We just finished on stage and we're on our way back to the bus.

"That was a great concert aye lads?" Niall asked. All the boys agreed but i stayed quiet. I have been hiding my tail and my ears for 5 hours straight and they are starting to hurt really bad. It's really bad to sit on your tail for a ling time i mean try sitting on your sensitive part for hours and then jumping around. It hurts.

"You ok mate you look like you in pain?" Louis bragged and i shifted in my seat. Great i need to fix this bloody tail, there starting to notice.

"Im fine Boobear," I said giving him a reassuring smile.

"Ok," He said and trned around to talk with Zayn again.

We arrived at the bus and we all headed out the car and entered the bus. Once we were in there i went straight to the bathroom and pulled my tail out and let my ear's breathe. My tail  around my arm as i stroked it.



"You ok in there mate?" Zayn said.

"Of course im trying to piss Malik so fuck off," I snapped back.

"Ok sorry have fun pissing," He chuckled and i heard his foot steps fade away.

I tucked my tail back around my waist and tucked them in my trousers while i put my ears under my beanie. Once i straightened everything back up i flushed the chain and exited out the bathroom and into the living room where i was met by 4 pair's of eye's staring at me.

"Enjoy your piss?" Zayn joked and i flagged him and sat on the recliner.

"shithead," I said which earned me a glare from him.

"Give it a rest you two jeez your like children who have foul language," Liam commented and we both looked at him while his raised his hands to surrender.

"Guy's let's watch a film please,?" Niall asked.

"OK!" Louis shouted and we all got comfortable and Liam put cabin in the woods on. Half way through the film i saw Niall and Liam huddled up together and Zayn who wasn't bothered about the film.

"Boobear can i sit with you?" I asked and he opened his arm for me to come next to him. I huddled into his chest which was warm. He wrapped his arm round my waist but he was getting awfully close to my tail. My beanie was still on my head when i kept snuggling into his side. I managed to make him giggle obviously he has a tickle spot there.

"Harry what are doing?" Liam asked as the credits showed on the tv screen.

"Sorry LiLi he's so warm and soft," I said while my eye's drooped.

"Harry are you sure your ok?" Liam asked getting concerned by my behaviour but i didn't answer because i fell asleep and i only heard Zayn say something before i completely fell asleep.

"I think that answer's your theory Liam," what theory is Zayn on about?


Louis P.O.V

"Harry are you sure your ok?" Liam asked and i looked down to see Harry's eye's drooping. He obviously didn't hear Liam because he he leaned more into me and fell asleep looking like a vulnerable baby. 

"I think that answer's your theory Liam," Zayn said. I looked at the other lads who were watching me and Harry.

"What's been up with him lately Louis?" Liam asked.

"I don't know Liam i asked him earlier why he looked like he was in pain sitting down but he just said he was fine which was a lie," I said and they all looked at Harry trying to figure what this Lad wasn't telling us.

"Guy's let's get some sleep," Niall said and dragged Liam with him leaving Zayn who got up slowly and watched me.

I moved trying to get out the hold that Harry had on me.

"NO PLEASE IM SORRY, DON'T HURT ME!" He screamed with tears coming down his face. Why would he say that was he having a nightmare or a flashback? I stared at the younger lad and then looked up to see Zayn staring at me. I moved back to how i was and Harry moved closer to me so he was now practically on me and stopped crying when he put his arms around my waist and buried his head in to my chest. He was now sleeping peacefully. 

"Wow," Was all i said and looked up to see Zayn still staring.

"We need to keep an eye on him Louis, that was really weird when you moved," He said and i nodded in agreement.

"Maybe we should make him fall asleep on someone different everyday and see how he reacts to them?" He suggested.

"Ok i guess i will sleep here with him then goodnight Zayn," I said and Zayn brought a blanket and pillow over.

"Night Louis," He said and made his way to his bunk while i looked at Harry again and fell asleep.


I woke up and saw 3 pair's of eyes on me and Harry.

"You know that's creepy?" I said.

"Yep but you look so cute together when your sleeping," Niall said which made me chuck a pillow at his head.

"I already told them," Zayn said and i nodded. I slipped out the grip Harry had on me and he didn't do anything so i covered him up and made it to the kitchen with the boys right behind me.

"So what are we doing today?" I asked.

"Nothing just travelling, our next stop is tomorrow so today we just get to relax on the bus," Liam said just as Harry stepped into the room. We all looked up to see him.

"Hey Harry," I said and he smiled and walked past us heading to the bathroom.

Everyone looked back at me and sat in silence until Zayn spoke up.

"Well, let's have a movie marathon or something?" He suggested and everyone agreed. Harry walked back into the room looking a lot better than last night.

"So Harry we're having a movie marathon seeming as we are traveling all day to day," Zayn said to him and he smiled but didn't say anything.

"You ok Harry?" Liam asked him.

"Yes bloody hell stop asking every 2 minutes Liam," Harry snapped. Liam looked taken back from Harry snapping at him and i got up and followed Harry to the kitchen. Harry walked straight to the fridge and drank milk. 

"Harry why did you just drink a whole carton of milk?" I asked him walked closer.

"I was thirsty Boobear, don't threat im fine now let's watch some movies," He said and walked over to the couch. We ended up to a toy story marathon. Harry sat by Liam on one couch and Zayn, me and Niall sat on the other. By the time the second toy story had finished Harry and Niall were asleep and Harry had cuddled up to Liam like he did with me last night.

"Well at least there are still 3 of us that are awake to watch the next film," Liam said.

"Well im gonna go and make popcorn," I said running to the kitchen. I stood there waiting for 3 minutes when the microwave finally finished but i didn't get it out because i was stopped when i heard screaming.

"PLEASE BOOBEAR PLEASE HELPP ME!" Harry screamed as i ran into the living room i found him thrashing against Liam and shaking. He was dreaming about me?

All the boys looked at me in shock at what he said.

"PLEASE, IM SORRY PLEASE DON'T LEAVE ME BECAUSE IM A FREAK!" He screamed crying. He was still thrashing around when i  decided to go up to him and pick him up in my arms and sit on the other couch. He clung to me for dear life  and inhaled my scent. He started to rlax when i rubbed his back in circular motions. He thought he was a freak, what the hell was he dreaming about?

I looked at the boys again and they just sat there and watched. I stopped rubbing Harry's back and watched to see what he would do. His eye's suddenly snapped open and he jumped off me and went to the corner of the room. I slowly got up and walked closer to him.

"Harry it's Louis it's ok it was just a dream," I reassured him. He started shaking violently.

"I..I'M SORRY PLEASE JUST DON'T HURT ME I'LL CHANGE!" He scramed and moved his hands to protect himself.

I walked closer to the younger lad and crouched in front of him. I put a hand on his knee and he flinched. Whatever those dreams are about it can't be good because he is changing, he looks petrified by us.

"It's ok Harry it's just a dream no one is gonna hurt you," I said and pulled him into my lap while he shook again. I pulled him into my chest and whispered reassuring stuff to him. Harry eventually curled up in my chest and cried himself to sleep again.

The boys just sat there confused in what the hell just happened.

"Whatever that dream was about we need to find it out and fast because he is getting worse and i wanna know why it's only Louis that he stays asleep with no bad dreams?" Zayn said and we all agreed wanting to know the same thing.

What was this dream about?


Hey so i decided to do another Hybrid books but i thought i would change the character in this one!

Hope you enjoy

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