Being a Hybrid (One Direction - Niall)

What would you feel if there was one secret that you could not tell anyone because you were too afraid that they would not accept you, well that's what 19 year old Irish singer Niall Horan feels like. Most people know him of course, he is in the famous and called one direction. Niall is getting more depressed after not having comfort from people and attention that he needs as he is part cat. What happens to Niall when one band member finds out his secret and what will everyone else do when he starts having deep feelings towards one of his band member's. Will they kick him out the band for being a freak of nature or will he get the love and attention that he has never had before in the story of being a hybrid?


2. Chapter 1

Niall's P.O.V

"COME ON GUYS 5 MINUTES THEN WE HAVE TO GO!" Liam shouted  from the other side of the hotel room. By this point Zayn was still fixing his hair, Harry was just sitting on the couch and Louis was eating carrots. Me i was in the bathroom fixing my ears and tail so no-one will see them.

Knock Knock

"Niall you ready we need to leave mate," Liam said softly through the door. I quickly stared at myself and adjust my shirt, then walked out to be greeted by Liam standing against the wall with his arm's crossed looking at me with his warm, comforting brown eyes.

"Niall, You finished staring?" Liam asked me, my cheeks instantly flushed into a rose pink colour.

"Sorry yeah im finished we going?" I replied back. He nodded and swong his arm over my shoulder as we walked into the living room. I could feel the warmth retracting from his body to mine and his scent ade me go crazy. Did i have feeling's for Liam? I can't he will thik im a freak if he finds out.

"You ok there mate you look like your in deep thought?" Louis asked me while we all made our way to the van.

"What.. oh ..ur s.sorry," I stuttered and they all stared for a second and returned to waht they were originally doing.

"What you thinking about Niall?" Liam asked with concern in his face.

"Nothing Liam im fine can we just drop it," I snapped back, not meaning to be harsh and he just stared in shock of my sudden snappy attitude.

We got outside the front doors of the hotel, where we were met by our fans and a lot of paparazzi.




"YOU DON'T DESERVE TO BE IN THE GROUP!" This broke my heart out of the group i am mainly the only person who get's the most hate because people think im too innocent and can't sing.

I felt a hand on my shoulder, only for me to turn and see Paul there.

"It's ok Niall just keep moving i'll deal with them ok?" Paul said and I nodded following the boys. Once at the van, everyone was getting in their seats, Zayn, Harry are in the back and me, Liam and Louis in the middle with Paul driving and preston in shotgun.

As the boys were talking i just stared out the window not bothering to hear or talk to anyone.

Liam's P.O.V

I am seriously getting worried about Niall, he has never snapped at me like he did today and he seems very off, not talking to anyone much and he spends ages in the bathroom or his bedroom whenever he can. I need to find out what's wrong with him because he is not like he used to be he is hiding.

"Were here boys," Paul said while stopping outside the studio. This is our 2nd interview this week.

"Thanks paul," I said while Niall walked straight out and through the doors to the studio before anyone got out the van. All the boys stared in the direction he went.

"Liam what's up with Niall he has never been like this before?" Harry asked, while we all got out the van.

"I dunno but keep an eye on him if im not around, see what he is doing" I said and they all nodded in agreement.


"Hello boy's welcome, it's good to have you on today, so what's it been like releasing your second album?" The interviewer asked.

"It's been great me and the boys had dun filming some of the music video's and recoding the songs for the second album has been a pleasure, we love this job and i don't think we could ever imagine doing anything else," I answered and the the audience cheered.

"Thats great i know you all deserve it, So what's the relationship status for you all ?" She asked.

"im single" Harry said.

"Taken by my lovely girl Eleanor," Louis said smiling at the camara.

"Im single," I said

"Taken by my lovely babe Perrie," Zayn said.

We turned to see that Niall wasn't evern listening just staring at the floor.

"Sorry about Niall he's single, he's not feeling to well today" I said and a look of relief washed over the boys even though they know that im lying.

"That's ok im sure he is going to be better soon,"

*10 minutes later towards the end of the interview*

"Well that's all we got time for today thanks you for watching and a massive thank you for One Direction for appearing on the show today," The interview said and the crowd screamed and cheered as we waved goodbye and left the interview to return to out hotel room.

The journey in the van was like the one we had this morning, everyone was talking except for Niall who was leaning against the window just staring into space like no-one was here.

A couple of minutes later we arrived at our hotel and entered our room.

"Hey Niall Im coking some pancake did you want any?" I asked hoping to cheer him up.

"No im not hungry i'll be in my bedroom if you need me," He said and just walked off to his room leaving all of staring in shock.

"Liam is he gone cray cray, Niall never says no to food, like EVER?" Zayn said.

"I don't know can someone go talk to him," I asked not wanting to get Niall mad at me from earlier.

"I'll go talk to him," Zayn offered and made his way to Niall's room.

Niall's P.O.V

I walked into my room and curled up into the corner and shut my eye's to stop me from crying. I feel so bad for snapping at Liam, I miss cuddling up to people and getting attention. I get very moody like a cat if i don't get attention and keeping my ears and tail hidden doesn't help.

I was interupted when i heard the door to my bedroom being opened. I heard footsteps getting nearer, they enventually sat beside me.

"Hey Niall what's the matter mate you seem really depressed and we're all getting worried especially Liam," He said, i opened my eyes to see that it was Zayn sitting next to me. 

"Oh it's nothing can't you just leave me alone, im fine i already told Liam this morning," I lied.

"Your lieing Niall and don't say that im wrong because it doesn't work with me so tell me what's the matter why are you acting like this?" Zayn urged trying to convince me to tell him.

"Im fine just tied that's all, i stayed up to late" I said.

He looked at me and then sighed. "Ok Niall i'll drop for your sake now get soe sleep then come get some food ok?2 He explained and i nodded.

"Good i'll leave you alone the, speak to you later," He said while ruffling my hair which made me stiffen at once as i felt his cold hand on my ears.

Zayn quickly let go and looked at me in shock. As my ear's came up he looked like he had seen a ghost, i knew i will never get treated the same after they found out.

"Niall why is there cat ears on your head," He asked still staring.

I turned in the corner with tears streaming down my face.


There is the first proper chapter of being a hybrid hope you guys liked it ! What will Zayn think of Niall, will he tell the other's? below should be a picture of the colour nearest to Niall's tail and ears.


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