Being a Hybrid (One Direction - Niall)

What would you feel if there was one secret that you could not tell anyone because you were too afraid that they would not accept you, well that's what 19 year old Irish singer Niall Horan feels like. Most people know him of course, he is in the famous and called one direction. Niall is getting more depressed after not having comfort from people and attention that he needs as he is part cat. What happens to Niall when one band member finds out his secret and what will everyone else do when he starts having deep feelings towards one of his band member's. Will they kick him out the band for being a freak of nature or will he get the love and attention that he has never had before in the story of being a hybrid?


1. Prologue

My name is Niall, most of you know me from the famous band called One Direction. I loved what i do for a living, this was always my dream from when i was little, i remember i got sent to the head teachers office in mullinger for singing traditional Irish songs in class. From the age of 11 I have been playing guitar I even wrote some of my own songs for me personally and when the band was made i wrote a couple of the songs on there.

Except what most people don't know about me is that i have a massive secret and i can't tell anyone because people will think im weird and a freak of nature, where as i would rather be treated like a normal person. Since i was born my father had been like me for many year's he was a hybrid like i am now, you know the mythical creatures, but what people don't know is that these mythical hybrids are very real and very rare to find cause there arn't many left in the generations. My hybrid family is a generation of part human, part cat. Yep that' right i got a fluffy tail, sharp teeth and cute fluffy cat ears.

I decided that i would not tell the band about me being this way because they might find me weird and kick me out the band, which i really don't happening. If you don't know me then here is a little discription about myself,

My full name is Niall James Horan, I grew up in Mullingar, County Westmeath Republic of Ireland, I am passionate about playing instruments and singing, I have an older brother called Greg, I have blonde hair and light blue eyes. I have white caramel ears with a white/brown dark caramel tail.

And this is the story of me being a Hybrid.

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