kingdom hearts The lost child

My name is Luna.
I'm an orphan.
I don't know my parents
I don't know if they are dead
or alive...

The only thing I know is that my parents are...


1. Strange dreams

I've been having strange dreams. About about a man, a woman and a baby. Then in my dream the darkness suddenly attacks and takes the baby. The man and woman keep calling out it's name as they chase the darkness. I can't hear the name of the baby no matter how I try. But it seems that the darkness was searching for something on the baby. They couldn't find it so they left their mark on the baby's right eye and left the baby in a different world so that the man and woman couldn't find the baby. The baby was found by a beautiful woman with long black hair and adopted it. I always wake up shocked because I think that baby is me.

I'm Luna

I'm 14

I've got an eye with some kind of symbol on it

My hair is pure white

I put my hair up in pigtails

And the only thing my parents left me was a silver key on a chain. I still have it, actually it's my precious treasure. Sometimes I can hear a voice coming from the key. It says the same thing every time I hear it. It calls out these words wake up. I don't know what it means. I am awake. Aren't I? 

Last night I had a different dream. It was me with a blade shaped like a key. I was being consumed by the darkness as well, I had a dark aura emitting from my body. I was attacking the man and woman from my previous dreams. I woke up with sweat all over me. I turned to the little table next to my bed to see my silver key glowing yellow and saying wake up


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