Best Friends Till The End (FAMOUS)

Hey Everyone my name is Raven . This story is about:
Me and My friend are models when we get paired up with someone who we get close to what will happen. We met someone that we never would have met before. Then our story gets flipped around! What will happen in the end. Will true love be there or will we just be the same old us. Read to find out!


1. Intro


Name- Raven Ann Friend

Age- 19 (Just turned)

Looks- Blonde hair with Green Eyes

Hobbies- Surfing, HorseBack Riding, Shopping, Dancing, Modeling, Making music, Hanging with Friends, Making new Friends, Swimming, Plays Piano and a little bit of guitar

Other Things- I have a sister named Jade, a Father named Jake and a Mother named Jewel. I have a job as a waiter, then I work at the vet place by walking animals but my real job is modeling. On my free time I like to hang with friends and play sports.


Name- Holly Emma Wentz


Looks- I have Black and Red hair Mixed. My eyes are the color is Brown.

Hobbies- Plays Guitar, Dancing, Modeling, shopping, hanging with friends

Other Things- I have a older brother named Anthony. My dad's name is Pete. My mother's name  is Clare.



Hey everyone as you all know my name is Raven. My job is model. I love it so much. My best friend Holly and I are both models when ever we model some cloths we some times like each others out fits or we like ours that we have to wear. I love modeling. This is our Story of Holly and me hope you enjoy our story.

September 3, 2010

Today Holly and I are going to be going to California for our model job. We are the new ones to this job but we are so excited.

*1 Hour Later*

We finally got to the place were we needed to go. Once we got there we signed in and went to find the person in charge. We were told that our helper would be a girl named Eleanor Calder. We walked around asking people if they were Eleanor Calder but we could not find her. Then we heard our names being called out and Holly had to leave cause of the tight space that It was. She had gone outside while I went to find Eleanor.

After about 5 minutes of looking I heard my name being called. I turned around and I saw Eleanor.


"Yah, are you Raven and Holly?"

"Yah, Holly left cause of the crowd. She is outside."

"lets go outside and I can introduce myself."


We walked outside and Holly was sitting on the ground.


"Raven. Whats up?"

"This is Eleanor."

"Hi Holly Nice to met you."

"Nice to met you too Eleanor."

"Okay. Let me inroduce myself then I will let you guys."

We all sat on the ground so we could introduce ourselfs.

"Okay, So my name is Eleanor Calder. I don't know what to say. What do you guys want to know about me?"

"How about your hobbies?" Holly asked.

"Okay sure. My hobbies are Modeling, Shopping, Hanging with Friends and my boyfriend."

"oh, Who is the lucky guy?" Holly asked.

"His Name is Louis Tomlinson."

"I swear I have heard of him."

"I have never heard of him before." I said.

"Really? He is from a band named One Direction."

"That is where I have heard him from."

"Oh, Cool."

"So how about you guys."

"You want to go first?" I asked Holly.

"You can go if you want."

"okay. I am Raven Friend. My hobbies are Surfing, HorseBack Riding, Shopping, Dancing, Modeling, Making music, Hanging with Friends, Making new Friends, Swimming, Plays Piano and a little bit of guitar.Also I am single. I have never been in a relationship before!"

"oh, That is way cool and really?." Eleanor said.

"Yah and Yah, but I think it is too much."

"You can never have to many hobbies."

"Okay Holly you are up."

"Okay. I am Holly Wentz. My hobbies are Plays Guitar, Dancing, Modeling, shopping, hanging with friends. I also taught Raven some guitar. I have a boyfriend right now named Ryan. We dated about a week ago."

"Oh, You girls are way too cool. I am so happy to be with you girls."

"Same here." Holly an dI said.

"Okay. Tomorrow I am going to let you met Louis and maybe his band. you guys aren't like going scream or anything."

"No, Raven does not know them so she won't and I promise I won't."

"okay. I told Louis and he said sure. So,since it is getting late I will see you guys tomoroow. What time do you want to met?"

"How about 1200?" I asked.

"Awesome. See you then. Bye girls."

"Bye." Then she left and we went back to our place and pasted out.


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