Different Little Fan Fictions

These are just little fan fictions about One Direction! Enjoy!

1. #1

                You were at a One Direction signing at a mall. The line was very long and you had to wait forever just to get to the boys. Finally,  you were five people away from them. You saw your favorite member, Harry, smiling as he signed the albums. 

                You finally got to them and they signed the album. When you got to Harry, he signed it and looked up at you. "Here you go! Have a nice day!" you blushed and smiled. You went to the food court and grabbed some Panda Express. Two of 1D's bodyguards came up to you. You were scared that you did something bad. "We need you to come with us." one of them said. I threw away my food and followed them.

                 "Am I in trouble?" you asked. "No." You gave them a confused look as you kept walking. Eventually, you got to where the signing was. The boys were sitting there talking and laughing. Harry looked up and started walking towards me. "Harry requested to see you." I couldn't believe it. "Hello!" he said. "Hi Harry!" I said back. "What is your name?" You smiled. "(Y/N)." he smiled. "That's a beautiful name, (Y/N)." "Thanks." "Would you like to go see a movie?" "Sure!" You two started walking and getting to know eachother. 

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