The Neice

Brooke Cowell lived in the shadows of her little sister

She was better than her at almost everything

But when her uncle Simon Cowell tells Brooke and her sister Michelle that they are moving in with him after unfortunate events

Brook meets five people that will change her life forever
One Direction

And there is just one rule Uncle Simon had told them

"She is off limits"

But all rules are meant to be broken


2. Revenge


All I wanted to do was go swimming. That’s all. But instead the dick from the airport comes around and thinks he can try and get me to shag him. Sorry curls that is not going to happen.

“What was all that yelling?” Michelle asked walking into my room without knocking might I add.

“Nothing. Just some complete and utter idiot!” I yelled making sure they would hear me. Michelle gave me a weird look then just walked out of my room. I sighed and laid down on my bed and putting on music on my phone. We Are Young by Fun started to blast through my phone and I carelessly sang along letting the words take over my body. It felt so relaxing. I felt like nothing in the world could go wrong as long as I stayed like this.

“Wow. You are good.” A voice said and I sprung up to see Harry standing in the door way.

“What the hell are you doing here?!” I yelled turning off the music.

“I was about to go to the bathroom when I heard you singing. You are really good you know.”

“So I’ve been told now leave.” I demanded pushing him out the door.

“Fine I will just go back down with your sister she seems easy.” He said with a smirk and I couldn’t even help myself from smacking him across his stupid little face.

“That was for everything asshole.” I spat at him then slammed the door in his face that now had a red mark on it.


“That was for everything asshole.” She said to me after just slapping me across the face. I went to say something but she slammed the door leaving me standing there. I was only kidding about her sister. In fact I could already tell I wasn’t going to like her. She was so desperate for attention and would always lean right over me sticking her chest in my face. I hated girls that had no respect for themselves. I walked back downstairs and so Michelle clinging to Zayn who had an annoyed look on his face.

“Hi Harry!” She beamed running up to me and clinging to my arm.

“Erm hi.” I said uncomfortably rubbing the back of my neck.

“What happened to your face?” She asked looking at the hand mark Brooke had left on my cheek.

“A nice little mark made by Brooke.” I said sarcastically and the boys chuckled.

“What did you do now mate?” Louis asked and I rolled my eyes.

“What didn’t I do?” I joked and he chuckled.

“She can’t just hit you!” Michelle exclaimed.

“Really it’s not a big deal. I kind of deserved it.” I admitted but she shook her head.

“No you didn’t. She is just so stupid sometimes!” She said letting go of me and rushing upstairs and out of sight.


“Brooke open the door.” Michelle demanded banging on the door.

“What?” I asked opening the door and she just barged in.

“How could you slap Harry Styles in the face!?”

“He is an asshole Michelle trust me.” I said not wanting to tell her what he said even though he was right. I looked at Michelle who had changed into a more revealing outfit.

“You need to lighten up Brooke.” She said walking out and I rolled my eyes. No Michelle I am perfectly fine you just need to close your legs. That was all I wanted to say to her. Ever since last year when she lost her virginity she has been hooking up with guys left and right. It sickened me. My sweet innocent little sister had turned into the “easy” girl. I decided to just take my mind off my sister and just go to sleep considering it was already late.

I woke up the next morning to the sound of Michelle’s screeching voice and groaned at the sound. I swung my feet over the bed letting my feet touch the cold ground. Once I managed to get myself out of bed I tied my hair in a messy bun and walked downstairs and saw all the boys sleeping on the couch spooning up next to each other. I chuckled and was tempted to take a picture but decided not to. 

“What are they still doing here?” I asked Simon trying to block the screeching noise coming from Michelle’s room.

“They ended up passing out on the couch. They do that sometimes. And by the way you should really show Michelle how to hold a note.” Simon said taking a sip of coffee and I went to say something but a tired voice behind me chimed in.

“You are a hell of a lot better than her.” Harry said walking to the counter and pouring himself a cup of coffee as well.

“Will you shut up! I don’t need everybody knowing!” 

“Oh come on! You are good!”

“You were never supposed to hear me!”

“Well I did and there isn’t much you can do about it now.” He said and I glared at him.
“Do you want me to slap you again?” I warned and Simon stepped in.

“Do not hit him. And Harry just leave her alone with the singing.” Simon said trying to keep the peace between us. I just walked away from them and went back upstairs to get dressed. I walked to the closet that had about half of my clothes in it while the rest where in a suitcase, and pulled out a cream colored dress with a brown belt circling around it. I carefully put it on and smiled at my reflection in the mirror. The dress showed off my tanned legs and showed my curves perfectly. Maybe this will teach Styles not to mess with me, because Brooke Cowell always has her revenge. And I am damn good at it too.


Sorry this chapter was so short but it was really just a filler. Next chapter should be longer!















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