Because of You

Sydney is a normal 18 year old girl. She has a great family, great friends, and overall a great life. But everything turns around when her best friend, Penny, dies from leukemia. She gives up on everything. But then she meets Niall Horan at the grocery store and her life changed. She gets to know him and she realizes that he is the one.


1. I Don't Believe This

         Sydney's P.O.V.:

                        I woke up and looked at the clock. It was 8:00 A.M. I got up and took a shower. Ahhh refreshing! I got out and put my favorite shirt on. It was blue with a sparkly purple heart in the middle. I threw on some jeans and did my hair in a side fishtail braid. I went down to the kitchen and made some scrambled eggs and toast. I grabbed the jug of orange juice and drank some. About a half an hour later, I finished. Then I realized that it was Saturday! I always meet my best friend, Penny, at Starbucks! I grabbed my phone and called her. Ring ring. Ring ring. She didn't answer. I tried again. Ring ring. Ring ring. Still no answer. I started to freak out because she always answers her phone. Oh no. Penny has leukemia! What if she's at the hospital!? I had a panic attack and grabbed my phone. I dialed her mom's number. "H-hello?" she answered. "Mrs. Marco! Is Penny ok?! She won't answer her phone and I know she has leukemia! Is she at the hospital?! Is-" "Penny.....Penny...she's dying." No. I don't believe this. She won't die! She's spent her entire life fighting it! She's strong! "What hospital are you guys at?" "We're at St. Jude's Research Center. She's asking for you now. Please hurry!" "I'm on my way!!!!!" I said as I hung up the phone. I grabbed my purse and ran out the door to my purple convertable Mustang. Tears started to grow in my eyes. Penny was my best friend in the entire world! I couldn't live without her! It's like apple strudel. Apple plus strudel equals apple strudel. Penny plus me equals friendship!

        Penny's P.O.V.:

                        I started feeling faint this morning when I woke up. Then I blacked out. I woke up a while ago in a hospital bed. In the chairs next to me sat my mom and dad crying. I realized what was happening. I was dying. "Where's Sydney?" I managed to say. It was hard to talk. My parents stood up in relief. "She's coming honey, don't worry" said my mom. I waited for a while and then I saw Sydney come running in. She ran to my side and held my hand. "You can't die, Penny! You''re too awesome to die! You've been fighting it your entire life! I know you can overpower it! Don't let it take over your life!". Right after she said that, everything went white.

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