The Doctor's Companion

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This is a poem about something that always inspires and entrances me whenever I think of it or see it. Doctor Who has introduced me to so many things, and has definitely made me rethink about my view of the world. One night I wrote this song about being the Doctor's companion and it just stuck.


1. The Doctor's Companion


So where do we go?

Go from here?

Do we just forget, all that time and all we fear?  


As we age, we’ve gone through lives.

You with a new face, and me with mine.

Yet here we are, simply watching stars.

And me still knowing that in time I’ll have to go.   


But where will you be? 

And who will you see?

All without me.


 Will you even, know my name?

You never forget, yet it’s not the same.

I know that this time, it may be the end.

But for now we will, just pretend.  


I can see it in you.

Can you see it in me?

I’m not sure, that you can.  


I’ve never seen you, at a loss for words.

Yet it’s quiet now and you are left unheard.

You have a choice, but it’s to watch me die.

We both know, that you’d never try.  


You know I love you,

I know you need me.

For right now, only I can see.  


The impact on everyone you touch,

You see it as a curse, but that’s not much.

It’s nothing we, couldn’t break down.

And yet again, I know, I won’t make a sound.  


So lets just watch stars,

Lets just watch them fall.

Silently, without sound.  


If I wake up, and this was a dream,

I’ll forever know, life’s not what it seems.

Cause way up here, in this blue box.

Forever with you, I’ll make sure it locks.   


Your hope is blinding you,

If you think I wouldn’t look

Forever for you.  


So with just a memory, I’d search the stars.

I‘d do everything, risk all I‘m worth.

Looking for a phone booth, and a paradox.

I’ll find my time lord, even if it means breaking me.    

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