Chasing Willow

Dear Niall,
You where my first crush. first kiss. first lover.
i guess after these 2 weeks of trying to impress you , you didn't receive the message.
i am sorry , but this is my way of saying goodbye.
Tell Harry, i am gonna miss his cooking , and his warmth.
Tell Louis , i am gonna miss his jokes , and his piggy-back rides.
Tell liam, i am gonna miss his advice, and his toy story fascination.
Tell Zayn , i am gonna miss his clothing styles , and his pictures with me.
Lastly Niall, i am gonna miss your hugs , jokes , and just you .
It's the best i leave. Please don't try and find me , because i won't be anywhere found. Dont tell the Police or anywhere . Just remember these three words forever.
i love you...
From Willow x


1. Father, i have had enough okay?

Hey , i am Willow Golden . Yeah weird name i know! My mother, Anna , she died , from a heart attack . I was an only child , so it toke a hard turn for me and Dad ( Greg ). Ever since Mum died ( 1 month ago) Dad has been become drunk , and abusing me . i have got a big purple bruise on my stomach. I have a deep cut from shoulder to my elbow , and multiple bruises everywhere else.  I have only Three Friends that know about this and knew what i was going to do . There names are Nathan , Jess & Sarah . They mean everything to me .Today was the day. I have had enough. I got my backpack out. Put my favorite dress ( flower print , lace , white ) my favorite shorts ( galaxy Print ) , my favorite shirt ( it was my elephant mid top. ) and my favorite Hoodie. ( it says ' lets run away and move to Paris ' ) Mum brought these for me about a week before she died. i put on my black shorts , my pink singlet , a pastel cream cardigan , and my black vans. 

I also put my Favorite book ( Lock and Key ) my brush , with multiple hair bands , a photo of my mum in a frame . my phone with every contacts, and my cash i had been saving . i had about $200. I zipped my bag up. 

Dad was fast asleep so i opened the door and ran out . I slammed the door ! " shit " i said , then i started running for my life . I then heard my dad " GET BACK HERE WILLOW , NOW ! YOU WAIT TO I GET YOU ! " i was panicking now i started running harder . Dad was catching up now , since her was a fast runner. i found the train station. i had brought a ticket the day before , for today . so i got it out of my pocket and ran down the stairs towards the gates . 

i put my ticket in and ran through. the train was coming in ten seconds , for the train to London. Dad got his ticket because it was 10;30pm and very late . He got through security when the train pulled up. I ran inside and panic. there was about 4 people on the train. dad got on , and the doors started to close . i had no choice . i jumped off onto the train track . The train pulled off and dad was punching the windows to get out .

I sighed . and started to try and jump up to the platform on the other side. I had 30 seconds to the next train and so far i was failing. i was seeing the light . i had 10 seconds . i saw a man in a hoodie , i started screaming " HELP HELP HELP " he looked up and rushed over . he grabbed my heands and started pulling me up . the light was getting bright . i heard the loud speaker 3 ,2 i closed my eyes and thought ' Bye world ' , 1..............



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