There He Is - Larry Stylinson AU

When Harry met his dream guy, his idol. The last thing he expected to only get 4 words said to him. since that day he can never listen to his music, see him on tv or even hear his name mentioned without feeling cheated and broken. Unable to escape him, he goes accompanied by his bestfriend to his uncles for the summer, and finds his uncle already has a guest staying...


1. Obsession

I have an obsession. A controlled obsession though. I know what to do and when I can do it. Only my friends and family know the true extent. So I may have him as my wallpaper on my laptop, phone any device possible.  So I have all walls covered in his bands posters, all his cd and singles and all memorabilia I could get my hands on. I may ultimately cyber stalk a celebrity, to me, its normal. I'm really not that bad, honestly I’m not. I’ve only seen him live twice and even then I was at the back.  Enough of my rambling, I was just building up, prolonging my excitement, because you see. Today’s my 18th birthday and today I got told I was going to meet him, at a signing naturally. I didn’t get told till we arrived, after a three hour car journey with my annoying sister.  Got CD’s but mum’s only letting me get one signed. 

I’d only been to this store once and it’s as grand as I remember, although having his face everywhere just makes it so much better. Mum moved us into the line while I was assessing my surroundings. The line moving at a moderate speed, my heart was racing more and more and my palms were sweating like I’d just spend the last 3 hours on a treadmill. This is the moment I’d dreamed of. I always had this fantasy that he would look over to me, turn to his band mate Niall and say ‘There he is’ and he’d smile over to me until I reached him, and he would kiss me and we would run off to be together. Well, that’s one ending anyway. There's always the one where he find a priest and we get married that very minute, but I thought that was too unrealistic.

Oh lord. I'm at the table, about to get a signature from Niall, seconds away from actually meeting the guy I’m nuts about. Oh my, could this day get better? Nothing – I repeat- nothing will ever beat this day; except maybe our wedding.

‘Hey buddy, what’s your name’ Niall said as I shakily passed him the cd I’d brought.

‘Harry, Its Harry’ I responded with a shaky smile on my face.

‘Nice to meet you Harry’

Niall scribbled his message on the plastic cover before handing it back to me with a cheery grin, turning to my sister who was coming up behind me to sign her cd. I took a deep breath, moved along, looked up and lost the entire concept of words. He was gorgeous. I mean, I knew that already but – wow. Giving me a slight smile and released a ‘fed up’ sigh. Silently handing him my cd, because I knew the only thing that would leave my mouth would make sense to baby aliens.

‘Have a nice day’ he said in a monotone before handing me back my cd without even looking at me. Without registering I walked off and to the side to wait for my mum. Wait a minute. The moment I dreamt about for years, I agonised over detail and spent countless hours trying to perfect, was over with ‘have a nice day’. Frustration and anger built up inside me. I wish I could say I turn around, walk straight over to him determined and demand a proper, cheerful conversation. But, I’m too weak for that. No, instead I turned that built up emotion into tears, which my family mistake as happy tears and I don’t see the point in correcting them.

Louis Tomlinson smashed all my hopes and dreams in 4 very common and very dull words.


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