I changed because of you ...

Hi , my name is Celine Horan , Niall 's horan little sister , and yes niall from one direction . When he left for X Factor it took a hard turn for me , all my friends asking for autographs , saying how he is hot , asking where my talent is , and really brought me down , hard. I knew I had to change . I can't wait to see the expression on his face now .


1. Who I am , I mean , who I was

Hi I am Celine Horan , yeah Niall's sister . I am currently 18 . At 12 , I was the dork , of year seven . Then niall left for X factor when I was 14 , mid way of year 8 . I had to change my reputation even it was the worst .

I died my hair from brown , to blonde with pink dip died ends . I started wearing heavy , foundation, mascara , eyeliner , blush. I got a spray tan . I brought myself some skimpy blue shorts , ( you could see half my ass in) a crop top saying ( waisted youth ) and some high tops in bright yellow . My outfit changed everyday , but I wore the same type . Shorts . Tops . High tops . I got a louis viitton bag .

I still remember the first time my mum and dad saw me . They had a distasteful look on there face . I looked at them and said " my life my choice , bye " and walked out the door to catch the bus . I felt bad at first and then I didn't care . I got so much attention from the boys , the usually grabbed my ass or squeezed my boobs . But I couldn't care less . My grades where still good , but went amazing . By 16 I had sex 4 times , had nearly dated most people in my year , and hooked up with heaps of boys in any grade . Everyone wanted me .

My mum and dad don't care how I look now , or what I do , they only care about my grades . Anyways , niall is coming back after 4 years , today . I put on my skimpier out fit . Black tight short dress , my over dose of make up , hair curled , my highest heels . And I started scrolling through my feed on Facebook .

Mum answers it , I hear crying and hugs . " gross " I mutter ,
" where is Celine ? I hear niall say , " In my room "I yell , I hear running up the stairs , he Opens my door , " hey bro " I say , " hey cel... " " what don't like me look , huh. " I smirk , he looks at me up and down " what happened ? " " we all change niall , we all changed " I smirked , then walk into the bathroom, and get my foundation out to top up , he is still staring , " what " I sniggered. , he says sadly " what happened to my baby sister " he then walks out and goes to his room. I realize , I have just made my brother disapointed and let out a tear down my cheeck , I cover it up with make up , then look at myself , I say " I am a slut "

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