The Cold Ones

Naomi and Sam are vampires- their best friends are vampires. Naomi is very beautiful and popular and she has the best life ever. But her past is dark and full of secrets and Sam helped her to move on, now Naomi thinks that everything is over but it isn't... It will start haunting her again, it will come to get her back, the darkness- it's everywhere. This story is full of mystery, vampires, witches and much more.


1. My Love

 I'm staring into his beautiful blue eyes and thinking about how much I love him and how lucky I am to have him- have him forever. Sometimes I wish to have normal eyes too but my eyes are black, like really black. They're not dark brown they are black and you can't make the difference between the pupils. But they were actually gray when I was born- they turn into black when you use dark magic or you kill someone. But I did both of them and I'm not proud. Right now I'm trying to stay away from these bad things and I can't do it without him. He's been helping me to get through all of it and he's also looking for a witch who could make my eyes gray again. We don't know if it's possible but maybe when I can show the spirits that I regret my past, they can reverse the spell. I've told him many times that it's okay, that I have to accept it- it's the cost I have to pay for what I did- but he loves me too much and he knows it affects me.

 "I love you," he knows that I love him but I have to say it to him all the time, he needs to know how much I love him, how much I need him, how much I care- I wouldn't be who I am without him.

"I love you too, my love," he gives me that sexy smile again and I can't resist, I move closer to him and kiss him. His lips are soft and warm and I feel safe in his arms when he wraps them around me. When I'm in his embrace I can forget all my problems and even forger who I am, I can forget my past and I can enjoy the thought that someone loves and needs me. He pulls away from me but he still holds me tight. "So what's the problem now? You were thinking about your past again?" he asks me.

 "Yes I was thinking about it. And sometimes it really feels like you can read my mind and that's not cool!" he knows me too well. Even though he has some psychic abilities he can't read minds. He can sense when people are lying or he can sense their moods but that's it.

 "I just know you too well," he winks to me and gives me a flirty smile.

 "Yes, yes you do," I sigh and go closer to him. My phone is ringing. "Wait, I'll go answer it, it's probably Savannah," I smile to Sam and go to take my phone. It's on the kitchen table.

 Our apartment is not very big- it has a small corridor, then there is the living room with a big plasma TV, beige sofa and dark brown furniture, behind the sofa there's our red kitchen with a dining table- also dark wood- we have a small dressing room where we keep our clothes, a bathroom- with a bath of course- and then there's our bedroom- a big bed, TV, computer. There's enough room for two of us.

 I look at my iPhone and I was right- it's Savannah. "Savannah, hey!" she promised to call later, maybe she's coming over with Chris.

 "Hi, Naomi!" she is happy as always."I'm sorry but we can't come over today, Chris had to go out of town so what do you think about the weekend? You can come to our place and I can ask Jack and Ellie to come too,"  I can hear that she's a bit sad so I have to say yes.

 "Sure we'll come, I'll bring the cake,"I'm very good at cooking so I always bring the dessert when we go to visit someone, and when someone comes here I make all the things. And I'm not complaining- I love to cook.

 "Great! And I'm sure that Ellie is coming too. So see you on Saturday!" she's very happy that I said yes. Well at least I think she is... You never know what she thinks. One day she can love you to pieces and you mean the world to her but when there's a guy involved then she turns her back on you without blinking an eye, then when she needs you again she's back like nothing's happened. But I still love her- she's one of my best friends.

 "See ya'!" I'm trying to sound as happy as I can. I put my phone in my pocket and go back to Sam.

 "Change of plans?" he looks like he'd known it before that they aren't coming.

 "We're going to see them on Saturday, Chris is out of town," I sit on the sofa again, crawl back to his embrace and fall asleep mumbling, "I love you," to him.

 "I love you too," he says quietly and squeezes me hard.


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